Ultimate Performance Cold Gel

Ultimate Performance Cold Gel

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  • Cooling gel ideal for during and after sports
  • Effective releif for muscle and joint pain
  • Can aid in injury recovery
  • Supplied in a 100ml tube
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Soreness and injuries can put you at a big disadvantage during competition, so it's important that you get fast and effective relief from pain and get back to performing at your best.

The Ultimate Performance Cold Gel provides instant cooling relief to a range of aches, pains and injuries in the form of an easy to apply gel, helping you get past the pain and get back into the game.

Who Can Make Gains with the Ultimate Performance Cold Gel?

The cold gel is ideal for a huge range of athletes in a variety of disciplines and sports who need a fast and effective way to reduce pain from injuries and aches. The cold gel helps to instantly reduce pain and aches, enabling you to get off the bench and back into the game. The gel can be used to help with a massive range of joint and muscle aches and pains.

Cold Pain Relief

To relieve pain and soreness the gel creates a cooling effect on the applied area, providing cold treatment and quickly reducing discomfort to help you stay in the game. The gel can efficiently relieve joint and muscle pain during and after activity, and can even be used to aid recovery after injury.

Effective Ingredients

Made using a range of ingredients, the cool gel provides effective relief. The ingredients of the Ultimate Performance Cold Gel are:

  • Active ingredients:
    • Menthol
    • Eucalyptus oil
    • Camphor oil
  • Inactive ingredients:
    • Soluble polymer
    • Ethyl alcohol
    • De-ionised water
    • Colouring

Please note: the Ultimate Performance Cold Gel is for external use only, Do not apply to irritated or broken skin. Avoid contact with eyes or mucus membranes. Wash hands thoroughly after use. May case allergic reaction in some users. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice. Use with care on younger children. Store in a cool dry place and keep out of reach of children.

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