Ultimate Performance Elastic Ankle Support with Straps
 Ultimate Performance Elastic Ankle Support with StrapsUltimate Performance Elastic Ankle Support with Straps 

Ultimate Performance Elastic Ankle Support with Straps

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  • Firm, even support for a range of ankle sprains, strains and more
  • Strap gives extra support and customisable compression for a unique fit
  • Allows a natural range of movement so it won't slow you down
  • Edge trim technology means it won't slip off even during vigorous activity
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In stock now

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The Ultimate Performance Elastic Ankle Support with Straps is a lightweight solution to minor to moderate sprains, strains and instability of the ankle. The advanced knitting technology within the product provides firm, even support whilst maintaining a full, natural range of movement, so you're free to go about your daily life without inconvenience. 

The Elastic Ankle Support features edge trim technology that helps prevent slippage and reduces wear, so no matter how vigorous the activity, it will stay in place comforting and protecting your ankle. 

Support Level: 2 - Moderate

Who Can Make Gains with the Elastic Ankle Support with Straps?

The Elastic Ankle Support is a no-frills product that will do a great job of providing that extra support you need for minor to moderate ankle injuries including sprains and strains, weak, stiff or aching ankles and tendonitis. If you lead an active lifestyle, and can't afford to stay inactive for any length of time then this support is ideal, as it is low-profile and very lightweight, so you can simply slip it on within a shoe and go about your business unhindered. The strap allows customisable compression for a fit unique to your requirements.

Features and Benefits of the Ultimate Performance Ankle Support

  • Great for minor ankle strains, sprains, tendonitis and more
  • Lightweight, low-profile design means it is convenient and comfortable to wear
  • Strap provides extra support, and customisable compression and comfort unique to you
  • Edge trim technology helps prevent slippage during activity and reduces wear on the product
  • Maintains a full, natural range of movement, so you can perform at your best no matter what
  • Comes in a range of sizes, and is suitable for either ankle (please check chart below)

Size Guide for the Ultimate Performance Elastic Ankle Support with Straps:

The Ultimate Performance Ankle Support is available in 4 different sizes, based on ankle circumference. Please check the table below to see which size is most suitable for you

Size Ankle Size (Inches)
Small 6 - 8"
Medium 8 - 10"
Large 10 - 12"
Extra Large 12 - 14"

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