Ultimate Performance Resistance Bands
 Ultimate Performance Resistance BandsUltimate Performance Resistance Bands 

Ultimate Performance Resistance Bands

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  • Designed for strengthening exercises and sports rehab
  • Comes in three different resistances, with 25m in each roll
  • Can be cut to size according to your preference
  • Latex bands are 99.9% free from latex allergens
Available, dispatched within 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched within 1-2 days

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The Ultimate Performance Resistance Bands are ideal for targeting and working specific muscle groups and tendons during rehab and sports training. The Resistance Bands are 99.9% free from latex allergens and can be cut to size according to your preference.  They provide resistance during training exercises and are designed for strength-building exercises during rehabilitation and sports training.

The bands can be used by starting with the lowest level of resistance and then building sets and repetitions gradually: once the exercises become too easy, move on to the next level. 

Who Can Make Gains with the Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are a great choice for anyone looking to build their strength and mobility back up after an injury, or for people who just wants to shake up their workout routine and use something different to the usual free weights and machines. Great for injuries such as tennis elbow (epicondylitis), dislocated shoulders, ankle sprains and more, they are safer than normal resistance exercises and can be modified several ways so you never get bored of doing the same thing.

You can increase tension and resistance on the bands by standing further away from them, or stepping on them with your feet further apart, so you can adapt them to your needs. The bands come in three different base resistance levels too, so once you've gained enough strength you can move on to one of the heavier resistances. 

Features and Benefits of the Ultimate Performance Resistance Bands

  • Ideal for working muscles and tendons during rehab and sports training
  • Versatile, and can be used in a variety of different exercises and workout routines
  • Safer alternative to traditional free weights and machines if you want to switch up your workouts
  • Comes in three different resistances, so choose the one most suited for you – if you get stronger move on to the next
  • Just cut the length you need; with 25 metres' worth of band it will last a long time

Specifications of the Ultimate Performance Resistance Bands 

  • Light Resistance (Red): 0.3mm thickness
  • Medium Resistance (Black): 0.4mm thickness
  • Heavy Resistance (Purple): 0.6mm thickness
  • Size of roll - 15cm x 25m
  • Simply cut the length that you need

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