Vulkan AirXtend Elbow Support

Vulkan AirXtend Elbow Support

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  • Adjustable straps for perfect fit
  • Provides support and compression
  • Minimal bunching and slippage
  • Maintains full range of movement
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In stock now

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Elbow injuries can keep you away from the sports you love, and keep you from reaching your fitness goals in the gym, so finding support that allows you to recover quickly while avoiding further injury is crucial. The  Vulkan AirXtend Elbow Support is an ideal choice for these goals, providing support to those with weak or injured elbows.

With adjustable straps, this elbow support can ensure a proper fit with minimal bunching and minimal slippage. This support provides great compression whilst still maintaining the wearer's full range of elbow movement. The Vulkan AirXtend Elbow Support is part of the AirXtend support range.

Who Can Make Gains with the Vulkan AirXtend Elbow Support?

Those who have suffered through elbow injuries know how debilitating they can be, and how important it is to heal them correctly the first time, so as not to incur a long term problem. This elbow support will allow you to rehabilitate your elbow with confidence, providing you with support, while still permitting a full range of motion and comfort. With minimal slippage and bunching, your elbow will experience the compression it needs, without hurting your ability to perform.

Features and Benefits of the Vulkan AirXtend Elbow Support

  • Provide support to your injured elbow
  • Speed up recovery
  • Avoid further injury
  • Provides adequate compression
  • Adjustable straps for perfect fit
  • One size fits all
  • Maintain full range of motion
  • Minimal bunching and slippage
  • Comfortable and lightweight

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