Yoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga Block
Yoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga BlockYoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga BlockYoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga Block
Yoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga BlockYoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga BlockYoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga Block

Yoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga Block

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  • EPP foam block for yoga poses
  • Ideal for correcting alignment
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Available in two depths (3" and 4")


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Yoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga Block

Whether you're working out at the studio or at home, the Yoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga Block is an essential piece of equipment for your yoga practice. Constructed from durable EPP foam, this product is sturdy, durable and strong to aid you in correcting alignment and postures. Use the EPP Foam Block to add length or as support in seated poses.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Yoga Block

Who Can Make Gains with the Yoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga Block?

Yoga blocks make poses more accessible by providing support and length. When used correctly, they can work to improve balance. Integrating a block into your yoga routine can help to enhance your muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Extremely lightweight for easy lifting and carrying
  • Unique design won't get bent easily for intensive use
  • Durable EPP foam is long-lasting and supportive
  • Available in two depths for workout variety

Why Choose the Yoga-Mad EPP Foam Yoga Block?

The EPP Foam Block is a superb prop to have as part of your yoga kit. Blocks are a staple of most yoga studios, allowing the modification of yoga poses to ensure correct alignment and posture. This block can be used on its side to add lift for seated postures (try two side by side) or longways to add length so that you can reach postures in poses like forward folds and triangle. The EPP Block is also useful in making more space in positions such as the plank and downward dog, as it can work as an extension of the mat.

How To Use the Yoga EPP Block

The Yoga-Mad EPP Block allows you to practice your yoga poses in a new and safe way. You can use it on its back or side to support the required part of your body in order to sustain poses and correct alignment. Have a look at some great standing and lying block poses below:

  • Supported bridge pose: Start in a lying position. Place the block on its side and slide it under your sacrum. Your head, upper back and feet should be on the mat, with knees bent. This can help improve your posture and promote relaxation.
  • Extended triangle: Get into the basic standing pose with your legs apart, one hand up, and one hand down. Ensure your torso is facing the side. Place the block under the ball of your front foot. This will help to stretch the leg and engage your muscles in a different way.

Ideal for Intensive Use

This Yoga Block is made from EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) which is incredibly durable and strong. This ensures that the block won't get bent out of shape easily, making it ideal for intensive use at home or at the studio. EPP is also extremely lightweight, so that you can take it to class with no trouble.

Technical Specifications

See the table below for measurements of the Yoga-Mad EPP Block, and choose your required depth/thickness from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Depth Length Width
3" (7.6cm) 9" (22.8cm) 6" (15cm)
4" (10cm) 9" (22.8cm) 6" (15cm)

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