Yoga-Mad Full Yoga Block
Yoga-Mad Full Yoga BlockYoga-Mad Full Yoga BlockYoga-Mad Full Yoga Block
Yoga-Mad Full Yoga BlockYoga-Mad Full Yoga BlockYoga-Mad Full Yoga Block

Yoga-Mad Full Yoga Block

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  • Yoga block to support various poses
  • Ideal for use in yoga or Pilates classes
  • Adds cushioning, lift and support
  • Also available in 2.5cm thickness
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In stock now

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Yoga-Mad Full Yoga Block

Designed with versatility and support in mind, the Yoga-Mad Full Yoga Block can be used for a variety of yoga or Pilates poses. This product can provide lift to seated asanas, cushioning in shoulder stands, and even support the head. The Full Yoga Block is made from high-quality EVA foam, and is ideal for any class style, from Iyengar to Restorative.

Who Can Make Gains with the Yoga-Mad Full Yoga Block?

Yoga blocks help to strengthen your yoga practice, enabling you to modify your poses in order to suit your capability level. They are used to aid moves and positions in Pilates and yoga workouts, bringing the body to the correct form and alignment. At 5cm in thickness, the block provides extra support, comfort and balance, so that you can perform to the best of your ability without pain or injury.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 5cm thickness for optimal comfort
  • EVA foam construction for scratch-resistance
  • 2 stylish colours to suit every user
  • Lightweight for easy transportation

EVA Foam for Maximum Use

The Yoga-Mad Block is made from high-quality, scratch-resistant EVA foam. This enables you to use the block time and time again without causing damage or reducing the foam's bounciness. The block also features chamfered edges.

How To Use the Full Yoga Block

The Yoga-Mad Block allows you to practice your yoga poses in a safer and more effective way. You can use it on its back or side to support the required part of your body in order to sustain poses. Have a look at some effective standing and lying block poses below:

  • Supported bridge pose: Start in a lying position. Place the block on its side and slide it under your sacrum. Your head, upper back and feet should be on the mat, with knees bent. This can help improve your posture and promote relaxation.
  • Extended triangle: Get into the basic standing pose with your legs apart, one hand up, and one hand down. Ensure your torso is facing the side. Place the block under the ball of your front foot. This will help to stretch the leg and engage your muscles in a different way.

Try It with the Half Yoga Block

The product is almost identical to the Yoga-Mad Half Block, although it contains double the thickness for more lift. It is best used in conjunction with the Half Block, so that you can switch easily between heights to suit individual poses.

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 30.5cm
  • Width: 20.5cm
  • Height: 5cm
  • Material: EVA foam
  • EVA density: 42kg/cbm

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