Yoga-Mad Genie Neti Pot with Lid
Yoga-Mad Genie Neti Pot with LidYoga-Mad Genie Neti Pot with LidYoga-Mad Genie Neti Pot with Lid
Yoga-Mad Genie Neti Pot with LidYoga-Mad Genie Neti Pot with Lid

Yoga-Mad Genie Neti Pot with Lid

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  • Neti pot with lid in vibrant purple colour
  • Clears congested nasal passages for adults and children
  • Made of unbreakable plastic for extra durability
  • Lightweight for easy usage and perfect for travelling


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Yoga-Mad Genie Neti Pot with Lid

Treat nasal congestion and improve your breathing by using the Yoga-Mad Genie Neti Pot with Lid. Originating from the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of Jala Neti to cleanse the nasal passage, it's also a simple yet effective way to increase your immunity.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Neti Pot with lid

Who Can Make Gains With the Yoga-Mad Genie Neti Pot?

The lightweight design of the Genie Neti Pot makes it suitable for both adults and children. Not only is it effective at relieving symptoms of nasal congestion, it is recommended as part of your daily hygiene regime to keep infections at bay.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight neti pot with lid that's easy to store and transport
  • Holds 240ml to just below the lid, which is sufficient for most practice
  • Made from unbreakable plastic for extra durability
  • Easy to use by both adults and children as part of daily routine
  • Ideal for clearing congested nasal passages and for improved breathing

What Is a Neti Pot and What Is It Used For?

A neti pot is a container used for nasal cleansing to get rid of debris, mucus and allergens from your nasal cavity using salt water. It's also a preventative and health promoting practice derived from Hatha yoga, against virus and infection to the sinus region. Regular use of neti is said to clear not just the nasal passage and sinuses, but also improve vision while preventing illnesses of the upper respiratory tract.

How Do I Use the Neti Pot?

It often takes a little time to get used to the Genie Neti Pot, but don't worry if there's some spillage the first few times – practice makes perfect and it will definitely be worth it! See below for how to use a neti pot:

  • Fill the pot with lukewarm water (only use distilled, sterile or cooled boiled water)
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of natural salt such as sea salt or rock salt. Avoid using table salt which has anti-caking agent added
  • Stir until the salt has dissolved and check that water is around body temperature
  • Place the spout at the edge of your nostril and tilt the head to the side and slightly forward. Do not tile your head back otherwise the water will go down your throat
  • Open you mouth slightly to breathe and the water should move through one nostril and out the other nostril
  • After you've cleansed both nostrils, gently blow your nose with the tissue
  • Rinse your neti pot after each use and leave open to air day

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