Yoga-Mad Standard Cinch Strap
Yoga-Mad Standard Cinch StrapYoga-Mad Standard Cinch StrapYoga-Mad Standard Cinch Strap

Yoga-Mad Standard Cinch Strap

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  • Standard length 2m yoga strap
  • Ideal for correcting alignment in yoga
  • Features secure plastic cinch buckle
  • Manufactured with 100% cotton


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Yoga-Mad Standard Cinch Strap

The Yoga-Mad Standard Cinch Strap is an essential tool for any aspiring or pro yogi. The strap assists general yoga poses, helping to extend the arms or provide the required tension of a pose without straining the body. If you'd prefer a longer strap, suitable for binding and iyengar poses, take a look at the 2.5m length strap.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Standard-Length Strap

Who Can Make Gains with the Yoga-Mad Standard Cinch Strap?

Regular yoga practice is a great way to improve fitness and build muscle, by tensing and stretching the body. A standard yoga strap is usually used to help yogis ease into tricky poses. The strap is usually used for upright poses to increase balance and strengthen muscles. It's great for enabling the user to practice poses with the correct alignment, without the risk of injury.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Standard length to support general poses
  • 100% cotton construction for comfort and quality
  • Plastic cinch buckle to hold length securely
  • Adjustable length opens up a wider range of poses

How Do I Use the Yoga-Mad Strap?

See below for a few ways that you can maximise your use of the Yoga-Mad Standard Cinch Strap:

  • Lengthening: Taking the Bow Pose for example, you may find it tricky to reach your feet on your first tries. By holding one end of the strap, and wrapping the other around the dorsum of your foot, you can hold your feet without damaging your spine. This gives your legs a wider range of motion to reach higher.
  • Aligning: A yoga strap can help correct your alignment in poses such as Navasana. The strap allows you to feel how the poses should be properly performed. For the Navasana, you might have one end of the belt around the soles of your feet, and the other around your upper back to perfect the pose.
  • Building strength: Once you get a feel of how a pose should be performed, this will help you build up strength to practice it as you will be working the correct muscles.

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 2m
  • Width: 38mm
  • Material: 100% cotton strap with plastic cinch buckle

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