Zamst A1 Ankle Brace

Zamst A1 Ankle Brace

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  • Provides ankle support for mild to moderate ankle sprains
  • Anatomic design to ensure optimum left and right foot fit
  • Flyweight technology for a lightweight, low-profile design with enhanced construction 
  • Grip-Tech technology prevents slipping during even the most strenuous exercise
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The Zamst A1 Ankle Brace has been designed to provide ankle support for mild to moderate ankle sprains. Developed by elite athlete specialists Zamst over in the US, it is ideal as a brace for those recovering from or looking to prevent an ankle injury. Using the A1 ankle brace for a range of different sports is now common and with a lightweight, low-profile design it won't weigh you down or affect performance.

The technology and design behind the Zamst A1 is very different to your standard ankle brace with an emphasis placed upon injury prevention and flyweight design for easier mobility. These features will help reassure you that you are using a trusted piece of equipment used across many sports. 

Who Can Make Gains with the A1 Ankle Brace?

The A1 Ankle Brace is a great choice for those who have had, or want to prevent an ankle injury, yet want to continue their active lifestyle without any hindrance. The A1 features anatomically correct support, so no matter which ankle you want protected it will be a great fit, and the open panel design with adjustable fasteners ensures your ankle will be perfectly comfortable. Grip-Tech technology means that there won't be any slipping, even during strenuous activities, while L-Strap and Y-Strap Stabilisers give great stability to the brace and restrict the chance of an inversion sprain (when the ankle rolls inwards).

Features and Benefits of the A1 Ankle Brace

  • Improved flyweight tech for a light, low profile design
  • Anatomically correct fit (comes in left and right braces)
  • Grip-Tech technology prevents slipping even during strenuous exercise
  • L-Strap and Y-Strap stabilisers restrict the chance of inversion injuries (foot rolling inwards)

If you would like more information please feel free to take a look at these videos:

Sizing Guide

The Zamst A1 Ankle Brace is available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. Listed below is the sizing guide which is determined by shoe size:

Size Men's UK Size Women's UK Size
Small 5 - 7 3.5 - 6 
Medium 7.5 - 10 6.5 - 9
Large 10.5 - 13 9.5 - 11.5
Extra Large 13 - 16 12 - 13

Choose a size based on your shoe size. If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger one. 

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