Shock Doctor Compression Knit Ankle Sleeve

Shock Doctor Compression Knit Ankle Sleeve
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  • Gives light support and alignment – perfect for strains and sprains
  • Elastic knit construction forms to the shape of your ankle for a great fit
  • Stimulates circulation to increase blood flow and oxygen for healing and recovery
  • Targeted compression zones for support, while being comfortable enough to wear all day
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The Shock Doctor Compression Knit Ankle Sleeve is a low-profile, comfortable solution to injury and general pain in the ankle. It offers light support for minor pain, sprains and strains, allowing for daily use for extended periods. The elastic knit construction forms to the shape of your ankle for a secure, comfortable fit, and gives compression to provide soft tissue support, joint alignment and therapeutic warmth, as well as increased blood flow. If you want protection along with a comfortable and unobtrusive product then this is the choice for you.

Who Can Make Gains with the Compression Knit Ankle Sleeve?

The sleeve is an ideal product for anyone who has had a minor ankle injury and requires light support that is comfortable enough to be worn daily for extended periods of time. The Compression Knit has been engineered to be highly breathable and supportive for a pleasant user experience, whilst allowing a full, unrestricted range of motion so you can go about your daily life, or your favoured activity, without any negative side-effects.

It is great for recovery, as contoured compression zones stimulate your circulation, which increases blood flow and oxygen, leading to therapeutic healing and recovery. The weave pattern of the sleeve is naturally breathable, which allows it to wick away moisture and help prevent your muscles from overheating, even during vigorous exercise. 

Features and Benefits of the Shock Doctor Compression Knit Sleeve

  • Light support for minor pain, strains and sprains of the ankle
  • Compression provides soft tissue support, joint alignment and therapeutic warmth
  • Contoured compression zones stimulate circulation, increasing blood flow and oxygen
  • Naturally breathable weave pattern wicks moisture and keeps you cool
  • 4-way stretch elastic material for compression without heat retention
  • Comes in 4 sizes, with a choice of 3 colours to suit you

Sizing of the Ankle Sleeve

The Sleeve is available in 4 different sizes enabling you to choose the perfect fit. Please measure your ankle circumference 1 inch above the centre of the ankle bone tip and select the appropriate size from the table below.

Size Ankle Size (Inches)
Small 8 - 8.5"
Medium 8.5 - 9"
Large 9 - 9.5"
Extra Large 9.5 - 10"

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