Hygiene Cover for Aircast Walker Boots

Hygiene Cover for Aircast Walker Boots

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  • Suitable for use with Aircast Walker Boots
  • Helps promote and maintain good hygiene
  • Easy to don and doff whenever necessary
  • Cover protects indoor carpets and floors
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Hygiene Cover for Aircast Walker Boots

Using an Aircast Walker Boot both indoors and outdoors can cause you to bring dirt and debris in with you from outside. The Hygiene Cover protects your walker boot and therefore prevents the spread of dirt, dust and germs. This helps prevent your floors and carpets from becoming damaged while also ensuring you get the support you need.

Who Can Make Gains with the Hygiene Cover and Aircast Walker Boot?

When you've been building up your strength following an injury with your walker boot in a muddy park, the last thing you want is to bring dirt, mud and debris into your house once you've finished. The Hygiene Cover helps ensure you keep your house clean and tidy, meaning you can spend less time cleaning the house and more time focusing on your recovery. This means you'll be back in training in no time!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easily slips onto your walker boot
  • Designed to provide a hygienic environment
  • Prevents the spread of dirt, dust and germs
  • Ideal when you're coming indoors from outside
  • Improves the versatility of your walker boot
  • Covers the bottom portion of your walker boot
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of indoor environments

Promotes a Hygienic Environment

As the Aircast Hygiene Cover covers the bottom part of the boot, it helps promote a hygienic environment. The accessory can easily be applied and taken off whenever necessary, whether you're entering the workplace, your home or a restaurant.

Which Walker Boots Can This Cover Be Used with?

The Aircast Hygiene Cover can be used with the following walker boots:

Should I Wear This Cover Outdoors?

This cover has been designed to help protect your cast from getting dirt on floors when you come inside. It is designed for use on carpets and smooth indoor surfaces, rather than rough outdoors contexts.

Sizing of the Aircast Walker Hygiene Cover

The Walker Boot Hygiene Cover is designed in three different sizes to ensure it fits your walker boot. Please refer to the table below to find out which size you require. The size of the cover you choose should match up to the size of your walker boot.

Size UK Shoe Size
Paediatric Under Size 4
Small Size 4 - 5.5
Medium Size 6 - 8
Large Size 8.5 - 10.5
Extra Large Size 11 and Above

Please note that the Walker Hygiene Cover is supplied as a single unit. Although it's pictured on a walker boot, this is not included with your purchase.

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