BioSkin Compression Shorts
 BioSkin Compression ShortsBioSkin Compression Shorts 
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BioSkin Compression Shorts

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  • Shorts offering high levels of compression
  • Ensure a safe and quick recovery
  • Fully support injury site for healthy rehabilitation
  • Come with additional straps for further support
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BioSkin Compression Shorts

There are numerous muscles in the upper leg that work to bend and straighten the knee and hip. During sport and exercise these muscles are put under considerable stress and can become damaged. Not only are the BioSkin Compression Shorts perfect for all-round support when recovering from injury, they boast just as many health benefits for the wearer. 

Who Can Make Gains with the BioSkin Compression Shorts?

The BioSkin Compression Shorts have been shown to improve athletic performance and endurance by decreasing muscle vibration. Over time, this saves energy and keeps you from feeling as tired, which can also prevent future injuries. Moreover, BioSkin Shorts can be used for treating the following conditions:

  • Bruises
  • Hamstring injuries
  • Hip flexor strain
  • Illofemoral sprain
  • Ischiocapsular sprain
  • Quad contusion
  • Thigh sprain

Benefits of Compression

Compression can help with blood flow to injury and increase the speed at which any swelling is reduced, aiding the muscle with repairing itself. For healthy muscles, a dose of compression can help lessen the strain placed on them after vigorous workouts and reduce chances of cramping.

Available in Three Styles

These Compression Shorts are available in three styles, so you can find the support that would target key areas of injury or pain. They are available with a groin wrap, a cinch strap or no additional support.

  • Groin wrap: A long strap support for crossing over the thigh and around the waist, controls the compression applied to groin strain.
  • Cinch strap: A strap worn around one thigh, allowing compression control on hamstring injuries.

Key Features of BioSkin Compression Shorts

  • Made from BioSkin Ultima material for ultra thin, ultra light wear
  • Decrease muscle vibration for healthy positioning and recovery
  • Ensure correct muscle positioning for rehabilitation
  • Breathable material allows moisture to escape
  • Prevent build-up of sweat
  • Apply constant compression for optimal movement
  • Increase proprioception
  • Help reduce injuries
  • Latex-free and neoprene-free for reduced skin irritation
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Available in six sizes, from Extra Small to XX-Large

Sizing the BioSkin Compression Shorts

BioSkin is designed to give a compressed fit that allows for full support, so for some wearers this may feel strange or uncomfortable at first. If you find yourself between sizes it is recommended that you select the larger size unless you desire a tighter fit.

Size Waist Measurement (cm)
Extra Small 66 - 71cm
Small 71 - 81cm
Medium 81 - 92cm
Large 91 - 102cm
Extra Large 102 - 112cm
XX-Large 112 - 122cm

Application Instructions

  1. BioSkin Shorts are very compressive. Stretch the leg openings vigorously, prior to application.
  2. Step into the shorts. Using both hands with thumbs against the thigh and hands extended, move hands down the lower leg, gathering the material. Pull shorts up, one leg at a time, until the waistband is just above your knee.
  3. Repeat the procedure, pulling up shorts, until waistband is at crotch level.
  4. Once again, gather the material, and pull over buttocks one side at a time.
  5. Continue pulling up to waist level. Adjust for comfort.
  6. Bottom of shorts should fit about 2-3” above the knee. Shorts should fit snugly in the crotch.

Find out more about fitting the BioSkin Compression Shorts in the video below.

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