Bollé Tryon CSP Clear Running Glasses

Bollé Tryon CSP Clear Running Glasses

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  • Pair of clear lens running glasses for filtering UV light
  • Perfect over short distances like 5km as well as longer runs
  • Clear lenses are great for providing clear, zero tint vision
  • CSP coating alternates exposure to bright and low light
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In stock now

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Bollé Tryon CSP Clear Running Glasses

If you prefer your running glasses with clear lenses, we've got the pair for you. Perfect for use over shorter distances where clarity and precision are vital, Bollé Tyron CSP Clear Running Glasses mitigate the effect of harmful UV light, allowing you to run free from headaches, eyestrain and fatigue.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Running Glasses

Who Can Make Gains Using Bollé Tryon Clear Lens Sunglasses?

Glasses come in all shapes and sizes, with different tint styles being the choice for different runners. If you prefer a zero tint option when running, you're in the right place. 

Sacrificing none of the UV light filtration of a tinted option, Bollé Tryon Clear Lens Sunglasses are particularly useful over shorter distances, where accuracy and clarity are even more vital than usual. Their adjustable nose pad and CSP coating enhance comfort and reduce eyestrain, making them perfect for runners who regularly experience headaches and migraines when out on the road.

What's the Benefit of Clear Lenses?

Clear lenses give the user a crystal clear field of view that a tinted option simply can't provide. Clear lenses don't skimp on UV filtration either, granting all the harmful light reduction that a tinted, darker pair of running glasses offer.

What Makes Bollé Special?

Bollé have been manufacturing premium quality safety and sporting eyewear for decades. With an in depth knowledge and understand of both these industries, they are committed to designed and producing high-grade eyewear that's sleek, slender, fashionable and affordable. 

Why Bother to Filter UV Light At All?

Filtering UV light is vital when you're exercising in high sun. Because your body is already in a weakened state, UV light entering the eyes has a higher chance of inducing cramps, migraines, headaches when you're out running.

Filtering light with a proper pair of running glasses is a really easy win for runners as it allows you to concentrate on doing what you do best with a crystal clear road ahead of you.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Clear lenses maximise visibility and field of view
  • Filter harmful UV light before it reaches your eyes
  • CSP coating performs exceptionally in extreme weather conditions
  • Adjustable nose bridge allows you to further tailor your fit
  • Excels over shorter, faster distances where foot placement matters more

What Does a CSP Coating Do?

Fed up of fogging and hairline scratches ruining your lenses? A CSP clearcoat is a treatment that excels in extreme weather conditions. It prevents fogging when transitioning from low to room temperature and incorporates all the impact and scratch resistance that you'd expect from a premium pair of top quality lenses.

Which Distances Can Benefit From Tryon Running Glasses?

As well as the incredible clarity they offer which excels over short distances, Bollé Tryon Runnin Glasses are just as useful over long distances. Take a look below to see which running distances can benefit from a pair of premium quality clear lens running glasses:

  • 5k
  • Parkrun
  • Training Runs
  • Marathon
  • 10k
  • Ultra-marathons

Adjustable Nose Bridge Ensures a Perfect Fit

One thing that's vital for runners is the ability to tailor your gear to meet the exact specifications you require. If you're running for hours on end, you absolutely need glasses with an adjustable nose bridge.

 The Tryon allow you to bend, flex and adjust your nose bridge until you find a fit that prevents your glasses running down your nose.

Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch "Platinum" Lenses

Dirt, debris, dust, sleet and any other myriad of harmful substances come into contact with your glasses when you're out running. The "platinum" coating treatment Bollé Tryon Running Glasses use prevents scratches, fogging and breakage to ensure your glasses are good to run after run after run.

Can I Use Bollé Tryon Running Glasses for Other Sports?

Absolutely. The UV filtering, clarity and precision enhancement that Bollé Tryon Running Glasses grant is useful in a range of different sporting environments, including:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Golfing
  • Cricket

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