CEP Black/Light Grey Ultralight Pro Low Cut Compression Socks for Women
 CEP Black/Light Grey Ultralight Pro Low Cut Compression Socks for WomenCEP Black/Light Grey Ultralight Pro Low Cut Compression Socks for Women 

CEP Black/Light Grey Ultralight Pro Low Cut Compression Socks for Women

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  • Grippy hot weather running socks
  • Ideal for running challenging trails
  • Asymmetric toe box for precise fit
  • Compression for faster recovery
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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CEP Black/Light Grey Ultralight Pro Low Cut Compression Socks for Women

The flat, flexible coating of the CEP Black/Light Grey Ultralight Pro Low Cut Compression Socks for Women improves your grip when running challenging outdoor trails, raising your confidence and performance. The carbon construction is super lightweight for hot weather training, and the gentle pressure provided by the socks enhances the supply of nutrients to your muscles and accelerates the removal of lactates.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Low Cut Compression Socks

These are designed in a range of sizes for women (see below for more information). The CEP Black/Light Grey Ultralight Pro Low Cut Compression Socks for Men are also available.

Who Can Make Gains with the Low Cut Compression Socks?

Any athlete can benefit from the ultra-light, breathable material when training on hot days. The carbon yarn socks will fit to your feet like a glove, reducing chances of developing blisters, and the targeted compression serves to maintain your energy levels while working out. The socks feature an asymmetric toe box designed to prevent annoying bunching or slipping, as well as improved grip to facilitate trickier runs.

Which Size of Women's CEP Compression Socks Do I Need?

The women's CEP Compression socks are available in a range of sizes based on the length of the foot. Please see the table below for more information; your required size can be selected from the drop-down list at the top of the page.

CEP Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Size II Size 2.5 - 4.5 Size 34 - 37
Size III Size 4.5 - 6.5 Size 37 - 40
Size IV Size 6.5 - 9 Size 40 - 43

What Activities Are the CEP Socks Suitable For?

The no-slip, grippy design of the socks suits them particularly to challenging trail runs. Following is a list of athletes and activities for which the socks are suitable:

  • Cyclists
  • Endurance athletes
  • General fitness training
  • Team sports
  • Running
  • Trail running
  • Triathletes

How Can the CEP Socks Improve My Performance?

The CEP Compression Socks have been designed to offer a range of benefits to ensure you can perform your best when working out. The following features may help:

  • Grip: Extra grip on the sole gives your feet perfect support in close-fitting sports shoes
  • Comfort: Minimally padded foot section for increased comfort
  • Durability: Carbon construction is both super-durable and lightweight
  • Hot Weather Comfort: Ultra-light, ultra-thin and highly breathable fabric remains comfortable in hot weather
  • Support and Stability: Compression exerts precise pressure at the right places on your foot for excellent support
  • Prevent Blisters: Smart Carbon yarn help prevent blisters in close-fitting sports shoes
  • Perfect Fit: Asymmetric toe box gives the ultra-light summer socks a perfect fit and ensures that they don’t slip
  • Reduces Exhaustion: The socks help to minimise muscle vibrations which take up energy and leads to exhaustion
  • Prevent Injury: Your ankles are stimulated with a deep sensory effect for greater stability and less risk of injury
  • Promotes Recovery: Improved targeted compression profile makes muscles feel stronger while enhancing recovery following minor pain
  • Targeted Nutrients: As the socks offer compression, this helps to target nutrients and oxygen directly to your muscles, which in turn encourages faster recovery following any pain or strains

How Do the CEP Low Cut Socks Improve My Strength While Running?

Improving your strength when running will naturally boost your performance, and the CEP socks offer compression that makes muscles feel stronger while reducing any pain from strain. Targeted compression results in improved foot power and lightness, as well as greater stability.

How Do the Compression Socks Help to Improve Recovery?

If you suffer from a mild sprain or injury when out jogging or running, the CEP Women's Compression Socks can help to promote recovery. This is because the compression targets nutrients and oxygen directly to the muscles, which in turn promotes a faster recovery.

Extra Grip for Improved Performance

The socks feature an extra grip on the sole to give your feet perfect support in close-fitting sports shoes. The coating is both flat and flexible to avoid impeding your performance, and maximises the efficiency of the energy transfer between foot and shoe. 

What Makes the Socks So Good for Hot Weather?

The socks are designed to activate your full potential in hot weather. They feature an ultra-thin construction that won't bunch or overheat.

What Are the Benefits of the Low Cut Design?

These low cut socks offer a modest rise above the heel collar and stop at the middle of the anklebone. They are both cooler and lighter than longer socks as well as less likely to result in blisters, all three features suiting them ideally for running and no-contact sports. A longer version of the CEP Ultralight Compression Socks are also available.

How Comfortable Are the Compression Socks?

The skin-tight fit of the socks and the intelligent, ultra-light blend of materials provide effective protection against chafing, which in turn helps to prevent painful blisters. The socks feature a unique asymmetric toe box which allows for a perfect fit and ensures that they don't slip.

Which Colours Are Available?

The Women's CEP Ultralight Pro Compression Socks are provided here in a black/dark grey colour. They are also available in other colours to suit your preferences:

What Are the CEP Ultralight Pro Compression Socks Made From?

  • 88% Polyamide
  • 12% Elastane

Can I Wash the CEP Compression Socks?

To ensure lasting hygiene, the CEP Compression Socks can be machine washed without it affecting their performance. We recommend washing at 30°C for the best results. The socks are not suitable for tumble drying or ironing.

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