Compressport Armforce Fluo Arm Sleeve

Compressport Armforce Fluo Arm Sleeve
Compressport Armforce Fluo Arm SleeveCompressport Armforce Fluo Arm SleeveCompressport Armforce Fluo Arm Sleeve
  • Seamless for added comfort and wearability
  • Lightweight so it won't hinder your performance
  • Aeroknitting technology keeps the sleeve well ventilated
  • Gives support and protection during exercise

The Compressport Armforce Fluo Arm Sleeve is a simple and effective sleeve that is seamless, lightweight and comfortable. It also features aero-knitting technology (the inside part of the arm sleeve has an aerated woven structure to allow air to circulate freely). This ensures maximum ventilation to wick moisture away and keep you cool and comfortable.

The compression of the Compressport Arm Sleeve combined with a 360 degree shock absorber accelerates venous return (the rate of blood flow back to the heart). This reduces the build-up of toxins and the muscles benefit from improved oxygenation, improving performance and delaying/eliminating cramps. This allows for longer, high impact training sessions. The lightness of the fibre also enables comfortable wear in the winter and summer.

Who Can Make Gains with the Armforce Fluo Arm Sleeve?

The Armforce Arm Sleeve is ideal for anyone looking to give support and protection to their arms during exercise. The CompresSport range is designed to be used by anyone from beginners to professional athletes, so no matter what level you're at it will be suitable. The compression given will help to maximise recovery between sessions, delay fatigue, boost performance and protect against muscle tears and injuries.

100% seamless, the CompresSport Arm Sleeve uses a special thermo-regulated knit which protects from wind chill whilst still remaining breathable. The arm sleeve also has a built in sanitised treatment to naturally fight odours and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Features and Benefits of the Compressport Arm Sleeve

  • Built-in 3D grip dots keep the arm sleeve in place even during vigorous activity
  • Aero-knitting technology allows maximum ventilation to keep you cool
  • Compression accelerates venous return which aids recovery and reduces the build-up of toxins
  • 100% seamless for comfort and ease of use
  • Built-in sanitised treatment helps prevent the growth of bacteria, fighting odours
  • Available in fluorescent yellow, pink and blue for extra visibility

Sizing of the Armforce Fluo

The arm sleeve comes in a pair and is available in 4 different sizes enabling you to achieve the perfect fit. Please select the appropriate size from the table below.

  T1 T2 T3 T4
Forearm Circumference  19 - 22cm  22 - 25cm 25 - 28cm 28 - 31cm
Bicep Circumference  22 - 25cm  25-28cm 28 - 31cm 31 - 34cm

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