Donjoy Condilax Elastic Elbow Support
 Donjoy Condilax Elastic Elbow SupportDonjoy Condilax Elastic Elbow Support 

Donjoy Condilax Elastic Elbow Support

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  • Provides support, compression and pain relief for the elbow
  • Multi-directional fabric for a better range of movement
  • Provides support and compression to the elbow
  • Ideal for tennis or golf elbow and osteoarthritis
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Donjoy Condilax Elastic Elbow Support

Suffering from an injury to the elbow tends to have a detrimental impact on your ability to perform daily activities. The Donjoy Condilax Elastic Elbow Support is an excellent way of helping you recover from your injury quickly while also preventing further damage in the area. This helps you get back to your regular routine sooner than expected.

Who Can Make Gains with the Condilax Elastic Elbow Support?

Tennis elbow is every tennis player's worst nightmare, but injuries in this area can be caused by a range of different issues and sporting activities. Any injury to the elbow can put you out of action for much longer than you would like, which in turn reduces your stamina and ability to perform on the court or pitch. The Donjoy Condilax Elastic Support is constructed to stabilise and compress the elbow to relieve the discomfort caused by osteoarthritis, elbow injuries, elbow operations, or trauma to the elbow.

The Donjoy Condilax Support helps prevent further damage and discomfort to the elbow. As a result, the support is suitable for the following indications:

  • Epicondylitis (i.e. tennis elbow)
  • Medial epicondylitis (i.e. golf elbow)
  • Osteoarthritis of the elbow
  • Resumption of activity after trauma or elbow surgery

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stabilises and supports your elbow following an injury
  • Helps reduce the likelihood that you'll suffer from further injury
  • Close fitting to prevent your elbow moving uncomfortably
  • Designed with silicone epicondyle inserts for added stability
  • Anatomical knit provides you with an improved fit
  • Elastic in two directions for improved comfort
  • Helps you remain as active as possible during rehabilitation
  • Free from latex to prevent allergic reactions
  • Fits either the left or the right elbow

Includes Epicondyle Inserts

The Donjoy Condilax Elastic Elbow Support is Designed with Epicondyle Inserts
Made with multi-directional material for an anatomical fit 

The Condilax Elastic Elbow Support is crafted with epicondyle silicone inserts to protect the protruding bone from damage. As this area is more susceptible to re-injury than the rest of the elbow, these inserts are a great way of ensuring you remain safe throughout use.

Sizing Information for the Elastic Support

The Donjoy Condilax Elbow Support fits both the left and the right elbow. Please bend the elbow and measure its circumference, then check the table below to find out which size you require. If your measurement falls between two sizes, it is advised that you choose the larger of the two sizes.

Size Elbow Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 18 - 20cm
Small 21 - 24cm
Medium 25 - 28cm
Large 29 - 31cm
Extra Large 32 - 35cm
XX-Large 35 - 39cm

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