Donjoy Over-the-Shoulder Humeral Fracture Cuff
 Donjoy Over-the-Shoulder Humeral Fracture CuffDonjoy Over-the-Shoulder Humeral Fracture Cuff 

Donjoy Over-the-Shoulder Humeral Fracture Cuff

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  • Preformed orthopaedic-grade construction for excellent support
  • Ideal for managing mid-shaft and distal third humeral fractures
  • Includes two extra-thick stockinettes for added comfort
  • Designed with adjustable straps for a more tailored fit
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Donjoy Over-the-Shoulder Humeral Fracture Cuff

Following a fracture to the humerus, it's integral that you stabilise the area to prevent further discomfort and injury. The Donjoy Over-the-Shoulder Humeral Fracture Cuff is a preformed orthopaedic-grade thermoplastic support that stabilises the area. Designed with a strap that wraps around the torso, the brace remains in place so you get the stability you need throughout use.

Who Can Make Gains with the Humeral Fracture Support?

Sporting activities tend to put a great deal of pressure on the shoulders, particularly when you're playing contact games like rugby. The Over-the-Shoulder Humeral Fracture Cuff is constructed to stabilise the shoulder following a fracture. This helps speed up your recovery, allowing you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Preformed shoulder brace for ease of application
  • Orthopaedic-grade thermoplastic, cast-like construction
  • Designed with hook-and-loop straps for easy adjustment
  • Features a deltoid cap extension for greater alignment control
  • Prevents slippages so you get the support you need
  • Supplied with two double-thick stockinettes to prevent discomfort

Indications for the Over-the-Shoulder Cuff

The Donjoy Humeral Fracture Brace is designed specifically to stabilise and support the humerus. This makes it suitable for the following applications:

  • Distal third humeral fractures
  • Mid-shaft humeral fractures

Sizing of the Donjoy Humeral Fracture Brace

The Over-the-Shoulder Cuff is available in four different sizes. Please measure the circumference of your bicep and the length of your upper arm to find out which size you require. Each size is also a different length, which could have an impact on the cuff you choose.

Size Bicep Circumference (cm) Upper Arm Length (cm)
Small 20 - 27.5cm 25cm
Medium 25 - 32.5cm 25.5cm
Large 30 - 37.5cm 28cm
Extra Large 35 - 42.5cm 32cm

Features a Deltoid Cap Extension

The Donjoy Over-the-Shoulder Cuff is crafted with a deltoid cap extension to provide greater alignment control. This feature also helps prevent the cuff from moving out of place, meaning you can simply apply the support and forget about it!

Includes Two Stockinettes

Two stockinettes are included with your purchase of the Humeral Fracture Cuff to effectively create a barrier between your skin and the brace. These are double the thickness of regular stockinettes to prevent chafing and discomfort, allowing you to wear the cuff for long periods of time.

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