Donjoy Renegade Combined Ligament Instability Short Calf Knee Brace
Donjoy Renegade Combined Ligament Instability Short Calf Knee BraceDonjoy Renegade Combined Ligament Instability Short Calf Knee BraceDonjoy Renegade Combined Ligament Instability Short Calf Knee BraceDonjoy Renegade Combined Ligament Instability Short Calf Knee Brace

Donjoy Renegade Combined Ligament Instability Short Calf Knee Brace

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  • Comfortable knee brace for CL instability
  • Ideal for a speedy return to sporting activities
  • Significantly reduces strain on collateral ligaments
  • Stabilises the knee to prevent further injury
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Donjoy Renegade Combined Ligament Instability Short Calf Knee Brace

When you suffer a debilitating knee injury, it's normal to want to get back in the action as soon as possible. The Donjoy Renegade Combined Ligament Instability Short Calf Knee Brace is designed to stabilise the knee and promote fast healing. Featuring bilateral polycentric hinges to match the natural movements of your knee, the support prevents re-injury by ensuring the knee doesn't move into uncomfortable positions.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Knee Brace

Who Can Make Gains with the Renegade Ligament Support?

Collateral ligament injuries are one of the most common suffered by highly active individuals. Thanks to Donjoy's revolutionary four-point leverage system, the Donjoy Renegade Brace works quickly to reduce strain on the collateral ligaments. This comfortable brace gives you the support and confidence needed to help you get back to full fitness.

The Renegade Ligament Knee Support can be used for the following indications:

  • Combined support for ACL, CL/MCL and LCL instabilities
  • Ligament reconstructions
  • Knee sprains
  • Moderate-to-severe knee instability
  • Returning to sporting activities

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed with ultra soft suede liners and pads for comfort
  • Strapping configurations available for ACL, CI/MCL and LCL instabilities
  • Short calf design makes the brace suitable for use while wearing boots
  • Features a curved thigh cuff for inner leg clearance
  • Made with tibia padding to reduce pressure on shin and patella
  • Moulded tabs on the strapping are easy to use
  • Dynamic frame design significantly reduces strain on collateral ligaments
  • Made with four points of leverage to prevent discomfort
  • Designed with an aluminium frame to reduce brace weight
  • Highly durable for long-term use
  • Bilateral polycentric hinges stabilise the area
  • Matches the natural movement of the knee
  • Made with a new, sleek and sporty design for added confidence

Sizing of the Renegade Ligament Support

The Donjoy Renegade Knee Brace is available in seven different sizes for each leg. To find out which size you need, measure the circumference of your thigh 15cm (6") above the mid-patella (as shown). Next consult the table below for more information.

How to Measure Thigh Circumference

Size Thigh Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 33 - 39cm (13 - 15.5")
Small 39 - 47cm (15.5 - 18.5")
Medium 47 - 53cm (18.5 - 21")
Large 53 - 60cm (21 - 23.5")
Extra Large 60 - 67cm (23.5 - 26.5")
XX-Large 67 - 75cm (26.5 - 29.5")
XXX-Large 75 - 81cm (29.5 - 32")

What is Combined Ligament Injury?

The knee is made up of four ligaments that are all vitally important for movement and leg function. These ligaments undergo continuous strain during physical activity, which is why knee injuries are one of the most common for athletes to suffer. Combined ligament instability occurs when more than one of these ligaments stretches or tears entirely, resulting in a swelling, extreme pain and an inability to put pressure on the knee. The four knee ligaments that are susceptible to instability are:

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL): Located in the centre of the knee, the ACL controls rotation and forward movement of the tibia.
  • Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL): Located at the back of the knee, the PCL controls backward movement of the tibia.
  • Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL): Located on the inside of the knee, the MCL provides internal stability.
  • Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL): Located on the outside of the knee, the LCL provides external stability.

How Does the Donjoy Renegade Support Combined Ligament Instability?

Thanks to Donjoy's patented Four-Points-of-Leverage system, the Donjoy Renegade provides exceptional support for CL injuries. Featuring bilateral polycentric hinges, the brace stabilises the knee and targets the most effective areas for compression. The brace can be configured to support different sections of the knee depending on which ligaments need most support.

What is the Four Points of Leverage System?

The revolutionary Donjoy Four-Points-of-Leverage System  provides clinically proven ligament stability to promote fast healing. This system anchors the knee at strategic areas of the leg to shift pressure to the tibia from the knee. This helps alleviate pain and promote a more natural walking pattern. The Four-Points-of-Leverage are:

  1. Anterior thigh anchor
  2. Posterior tibia anchor
  3. Lower thigh strap to push the femur anteriorly 
  4. Anterior tibia strap to apply an active constant load to prevent tibial translation

Is this Brace Easy to Use?

Thanks to its intuitive design, the Renegade Brace is simple to operate and easy to use. To help you fit the renegade Knee Brace, Donjoy have developed a how-to guide that takes you through the process. Please follow this step-by-step guide to ensure maximum protection and healing from your knee support.

How Much Protection Does the Donjoy Renegade Brace Provide?

Like the rest of the Donjoy supports, the Donjoy Renegade Brace offers you the technology and clinical efficacy that you've come to expect from the brand. The support has a dynamic frame design with four points of leverage to significantly reduce strain on the ACL.

Is the Donjoy Renegade Brace Suitable for Sports?

The Donjoy Renegade Knee Brace is crafted with an aluminium frame to reduce the overall weight of the brace. This makes the support particularly suited to sporting activities as the brace won't inhibit your movement and impede your ability to compete.

How Comfortable is the Donjoy Renegade Brace?

Designed with ultra soft suede liners and pads, the Donjoy Renegade is comfortable and easy on the skin. This allows you to wear the brace for long periods of time without feeling discomfort so that your leg can stay fully supported throughout the day.

Will the Donjoy Renegade Brace Fit My Knees?

This knee brace is designed to fit all knees, no matter the shape. Given that your thigh fits into the parameters in the sizing section above, the floating hinges will allow you to adjust the brace so that it fits snugly on your knees.

Is the Renegade Knee Brace Suitable for Skiing?

Yes. The short-calf configuration allows you to wear the knee brace while also wearing large boots for skiing. This gives your knee full support and protection so that you can ski without discomfort or pain and with less risk of further injury.

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