Donjoy Superlite Drop Foot AFO Brace

Donjoy Superlite Drop Foot AFO Brace

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  • Lightweight and low-profile design for improved comfort
  • Available in right or left and male or female models
  • Can be trimmed down to the correct size and fit
  • Helps normalise your gait and correct foot drop
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In stock now

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Donjoy Superlite Drop Foot AFO Brace

Suffering from drop foot can take its toll on not only your gait but also your peace of mind. The Donjoy Superlite Drop Foot AFO Brace is low in profile and sturdy to correct foot drop. Lightweight in design, the support is suitable for use with most shoes, allowing you to wear it on the go.

Who Can Make Gains with the Superlite Brace?

The Superlite Drop Foot AFO has been constructed specifically to control and correct drop foot. The support helps to raise the forefoot so you can walk around unimpeded.

Foot drop tends to be a symptom of a wider medical condition, so when you're recovering from the underlying illness, using the Donjoy Superlite AFO Brace is an excellent way of normalising your gait. This allows you to remain active without dragging your foot behind you as you walk, which can in turn improve your self-esteem and endurance.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Low-profile design to correct drop foot
  • Ankle orthosis can be trimmed to the right fit
  • Strap can be adjusted to fit you properly
  • Lightweight design for use with most shoes
  • Prevents attention from being drawn to your condition

Sizing Information

The Donjoy Superlite AFO Brace is designed in a universal size to fit most users. The support has different versions for either the left or the right foot, and for men and women. This helps ensure the support fits you to improve its efficacy.

Trimmable Design

Owing to its adjustable and trimmable design, the Drop Foot AFO Brace suits most patients and can be tailored according to your needs and physiology. Its low-profile style allows you to wear the support with most shoes. This allows you to walk around normally without drawing attention to your condition.

What Is Drop Foot?

Drop foot is where your muscles weaken in your foot, making it difficult to lift the forefoot off the ground. This causes you to drag the foot behind you, causing an abnormal gait. Please note that foot drop is merely a symptom of an underlying issue, so it's important to deal with the problem itself prior to dealing with the symptom.

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