Fitness-Mad 3.5m Stretch Cotton Boxing Handwraps
Fitness-Mad 3.5m Stretch Cotton Boxing HandwrapsFitness-Mad 3.5m Stretch Cotton Boxing HandwrapsFitness-Mad 3.5m Stretch Cotton Boxing Handwraps

Fitness-Mad 3.5m Stretch Cotton Boxing Handwraps

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  • Professional-quality stretch cotton
  • Integral thumb loops for easy thumb positioning
  • Secure Velcro fastenings for a reliable fit
  • Helps prevent a variety of boxing injuries


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Fitness-Mad 3.5m Stretch Cotton Boxing Handwraps

Performing spar or heavy bag workouts can cause pain and injury without the use of handwraps. The Fitness-Mad 3.5m Stretch Cotton Boxing Handwraps feature thumb loops and Velcro fastenings to provide optimal comfort and security with each strike during boxing training and BoxFit classes.

What's Included?

  • 1x Pair of Boxing Handwraps

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stretch cotton for comfort and flexibility
  • Thumb loops for protection and easy positioning
  • Velcro fastenings for secure and comfortable fit

Who Can Make Gains with the Stretch Cotton Handwraps?

If you are a hardcore boxer who packs powerful punches, the 3.5m Stretch Cotton Handwraps might be for you. Hitting the bag or sparring with great force from a range of angles can cause injuries in your hand, fingers or wrist. Wrapping your hands with these Cotton Boxing Handwraps can enable you to develop your strike strength, force and speed without causing tweaks or damage. This in turn will increase your muscle-building rate. 

Handwraps or Boxing Gloves?

Some individuals mistakenly assume that handwraps are an alternative for boxing gloves, but it is actually essential that they are used together as handwraps do not cushion impact or protect the knuckles. Boxing gloves are designed to cushion and absorb impact, whilst handwraps secure movable joints and bones underneath, in order to distribute shock more easily. Take a look at The Escape Fitness Boxing Training Gloves (10oz - 12oz) or Fitness-Mad Leather Pro Bag Mitts if you need gloves to pair with your handwraps. 

Why Use Boxing Handwraps?

Handwraps prevent a variety of common boxing injuries by supporting and aligning the joints and keeping the base of the thumb secured to the hand. They also strengthen the metacarpus, reducing the chances of a metacarpal injury (Boxer's fracture).

How Can Boxing Handwraps Provide Support?

Handwraps give the boxer or their trainer a higher level of control than other forms of protection. Wrapping methods can be customised to achieve differing degrees of wrist support, thumb support, or knuckle padding, allowing the optimum set-up to achieve your goals every session.

Comfortable and Secure Fit

The 3.5m Stretch Cotton Wraps feature Velcro fastenings for easy application and removal, as well as a comfortable and secure fit. Thumb loops ensure that your bones and joints are supported, decreasing the chance of common hand problems, such as ulnar collateral ligament tears (Skier's Thumb). 

Sizing of the Fitness-Mad Stretch Cotton Handwraps

The Fitness-Mad Handwraps are supplied in a one-size-fits-most design.

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 3.5m

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