Fitness-Mad Weightlifting Wrist Wrap Gloves
Fitness-Mad Weightlifting Wrist Wrap GlovesFitness-Mad Weightlifting Wrist Wrap GlovesFitness-Mad Weightlifting Wrist Wrap GlovesFitness-Mad Weightlifting Wrist Wrap Gloves

Fitness-Mad Weightlifting Wrist Wrap Gloves

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  • Heavy duty leather gloves to stabilise the wrists
  • Ideal for weightlifting and fitness training
  • Piped edges provide comfort and reinforcement
  • Foam core absorbs vibration and provides protection


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Fitness-Mad Weightlifting Wrist Wrap Gloves

The heavy-duty Fitness-Mad Weightlifting Wrist Wrap Gloves are designed to keep the hands comfortable, protected and cool during heavy weight lifting exercises. These gloves are ideal for users who require additional wrist support, due to the 50mm wide wrap that stabilises wrists during lifts. The Wrist Wrap Gloves are suitable for extended, high-intensity weight lifting sessions.

Who Can Make Gains with the Fitness-Mad Weightlifting Wrist Wrap Gloves?

Weightlifting is a great exercise if you're looking to make gains. Performing low reps with heavy weights almost guarantees to increase muscle mass, but can exhaust your body if you don't use the right equipment. The Fitness-Mad Wrist Wrap Gloves provide stability for your hands, improving grip so you can hold on to weights for longer.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cotton wrist wrap to help stabilise the wrist
  • Double stitched throughout for excellent strength
  • Piped edges for comfort and additional reinforcement
  • Four-way stretch spandex back for comfort and ventilation
  • Foam core absorbs vibration and provides protection

Which Size Is Right for Me?

The Fitness-Mad Weight Lifting Glove Wraps are available in four different sizes, which should be suitable for the majority of users. Please see the table below for details and select the size you require from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Size Measurement across palm (cm)
Small 9cm
Medium 10cm
Large 11cm
Extra Large 12cm

Why Use Weightlifting Gloves?

Weightlifting gloves relieve hand pressure when lifting heavy weights, so that you are using more than just your hands. This allows chest and back muscles to hold more of the weight, which are much stronger. Gloves also provide a protective barrier from weight load to reduce stress.

What Does Wrist Stabilisation Do?

There are a lot of gloves that protect the hand, but these Weightlifting Gloves go the extra mile to provide additional support. They feature a 50mm wide heavy-duty cotton wrist wrap that stabilises the wrist during lifts. Wearing wrist support can:

  • Increase lift: Wrist straps allow the weight to be distributed across the forearms instead of the fingers, allowing you to lift more.
  • Make you stronger: As wrist straps even out weight distribution, this will utilise more arm muscles to enhance strength.
  • Reduce risk of injury: Wrist supports act like extra tendons to prevent injury when bent backwards.

Are the Wrap Gloves Comfortable?

The palm, fingers and thumb of the Fitness-Mad Gloves feature a double layer of durable suede with a 5mm foam core to absorb vibration and provide comfortable protection. The 4-way stretch spandex back provides the perfect way to keep your hands cool during your workout. The gloves are also double-stitched throughout with piped edges for extra comfort and reinforcement.

Technical Specifications

  • Cleaning: Machine washable
  • Material: Leather with foam core

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