FlipBelt Neon Punch Running Storage Belt

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  • Neon punch belt for storing equipment while running, exercising, doing yoga or travelling
  • Allows you to store phones, medical equipment, cash and more
  • Includes a hidden money belt for security while travelling
  • Available in a range of sizes to ensure a secure fit
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In stock now

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FlipBelt Neon Punch Running Storage Belt

The FlipBelt Neon Punch Running Storage Belt fits tightly around your hips, allowing you to store phones, keys, money, wallets and more while playing sport or travelling. Designed to prevent you from losing key items, this belt can be used during sports such as yoga, running and horse riding, and can even be used to keep items safe while travelling.

Who Can Make Gains with the FlipBelt Running Storage Belt?

The FlipBelt Running Belt is designed to store equipment such as phones, money, keys, wallets and more during exercise. It includes a number of openings, doesn't move during use, and has a special hook for attaching your keys. It is popular among runners, people at the gym, travellers, horse riders and more.

Key Features

  • Bounce-free for a smoother ride
  • No chafing or friction while you run
  • Suitable for all types of exercise
  • Great for travel when used as a handy hidden-money belt
  • Flippable for extra security
  • Stylish and lightweight design for comfort
  • Compatible with any model phone
  • No bulky fasteners or buckles
  • Easily worn over or under clothing
  • Machine washable to ensure continued hygiene
  • Made of 92% MicroPoly and 8% Lycra for moisture-wicking and extra softness

Why Is the FlipBelt Storage Belt Ideal for Sport?

Storing equipment while playing sports can be difficult, and it's common to drop your keys, lose some spare change or even misplace your phone while out running or going horse riding. This belt can prevent that from happening, with plenty of pockets for storing equipment and even a special clip for keeping your keys safe. The belt doesn't move during use, and can be used for:

  • Horse riding
  • Jogging
  • Exercising
  • Travelling
  • Sports
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Which Size Should I Choose?

The FlipBelt Running Belt is best when worn comfortably snug, as the snug fit will help to keep your possessions from moving around or riding up as you run. To make sure you get the perfect fit, follow these instructions:

  1. Measure the circumference of your body at the point you'd like to wear the FlipBelt. We recommend wearing it around the waist, but some users prefer the hips.
  2. If you want a snug fit, choose your size as close as possible to the Stretched Circumference (Stretched Circ.) in the table below (slightly under is best).
  3. If you want a looser fit, choose your size closer to the Unstretched Circumference (Unstretched Circ.) in the table below (slightly over is best).
Size Unstretched Circ. Stretched Circ.
Small 26" (66cm) 36" (91cm)
Medium 28" (71cm) 38" (97cm)
Large 31" (79cm) 43" (109cm)
Extra Large 34" (86cm) 48" (122cm)

Available in a Range of Colours

The FlipBelt Running Storage Belt is available in a range of colours. You can view these colours below:

Will the FlipBelt Neon Punch Belt Move Around During Use? 

The main problem with traditional hip-worn running belts is that they just won't stay put and will bounce around while you run, taking any enjoyment out of your workout. The FlipBelt Running Storage Belt was made with a minimum movement balanced design, so it won't make you feel lopsided or move around while you run. Your keys, phone and anything else will stay exactly where you left them, and off your mind.

How Does the FlipBelt Prevent Items Falling?

Whether you're running, in the gym, doing yoga, or just need a secure money belt for travel, the FlipBelt Running Belt is the perfect solution for you. Made of a MicroPoly spandex-lycra blend, the FlipBelt makes it simple to store and retrieve your items, without risking them falling out or moving around on your hip.

How Do I Wear the FlipBelt Storage Belt?

One of the key features of the FlipBelt Running Storage Belt is its versatile design that allows it to be flipped for a choice between easy access and extra security. When the pockets are facing out, items are easily accessible for quick retrieval. When its flipped so the pockets are facing inwards, your items are safeguarded, giving you peace of mind while you travel.

To read more about how the FlipBelt can help you travel safely, check out our blog.

Can I Use the FlipBelt to Store My Phone?

While most running belts or armbands cater specifically to certain types of phone only, the FlipBelt Running Storage Belt's stretch-to-fit design means that your phone will fit perfectly no matter what the brand or model. Whether you have a large or a small phone, the FlipBelt Running Storage Belt will securely and comfortably keep it safe.

How Comfortable Is the Storage Belt?

The FlipBelt Running Storage Belt is made with a revolutionary MicroPoly-Lycra blend that makes it super-light, while at the same time stretching to make a snug and comfortable fit every time. This material is moisture-wicking and machine-washable, so no matter how intense your workout, just toss it in the washer and dryer, and it'll come out like new. 

See the FlipBelt Running Belt in Action

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