HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Full Kit
HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Full KitHotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Full KitHotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Full Kit

HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Full Kit

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  • Provides heat for up to 6 hours
  • Instant heat at the flick of a switch
  • Perfect for skiing and snowbaording
  • Includes all accessories to get started right away
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The HotRox Hand Warmer features a brand new way of keeping your hands and other parts of your body warm, wherever you are, whether thats the ski lift or out hiking. The HotRox Hand Warmer is considered one of the best hand warmers on the market and once you have used it, you will understand why.

HotRox reusable hand warmers are recharged by plugging them into the wall or a computer's USB port. HotRox hand warmers are simple, safe and easy to use. This reusable hand warmer can be turned on or off with the flick of a switch, meaning that unlike microwave hand warmers, you can use HotRox wherever you go.

Who Can Make Gains with the HotRox Hand Warmer?

If you're a winter sports enthusiast, you know that cold hands can be a killer for both performance and enjoyment of your sport of choice. When your hands are cold, they begin to hurt, your grip weakens and you lose dexterity, making what were once simple movements difficult and slow. Eliminate these problems, and perform to your fullest, with these hand warmers. 

HotRox Provides Heat For Up To 6 Hours

HotRox hand warmers have three heat settings: Off, Medium and High. This allows for a heat cycle of up to 6 hours, easily long enough to keep you warm whatever you are doing. HotRox hand warmers are great for a range of activities such as skiing, snoboarding, working outside, commuting, working in a cold environment et cetera. They are also the perfect product for people suffering from Raynaud's disease as they help to mitigate the effects of the condition.

Instant Heat At The Flick Of A Switch

Each HotRox Hand Warmer features a specially designed heat-plate that can heat up in approximately 15 seconds once turned on. When HotRox Hand Warmer is turned off it will cool down just as quick, allowing true heat on demand unlike equivalent gel hand warmers. HotRox Hand Warmers use a rechargeable lithium battery that holds its charge for months on end so you always know its ready for when you need it most.

Features and Benefits of the HotRox Hand Warmer

  • Heats your hands wherever you are
  • Great for skiing and snowboarding
  • Perfect for heating hands on a ski lift or gondola
  • Keep your hands warm and tactile with a strong grip
  • Recharges fully in two hours with USB
  • Heats hands for up to six hours
  • Gets up to full heat in 15 seconds
  • Smooth, tactile finish
  • Sleek, portable design
  • Three heat settings

See for Yourself

Don't just take our word for the HotRox's high quality, see for yourself with this informative video!

What's in the HotRox Box?

HotRox Hand Warmers come in a stylish box, perfect if you are giving it as a Christmas present. Inside the box is everything you need to get started.

  • HotRox Hand Warmer
  • Heat Bag/Carry Case
  • Mains Charger
  • USB Charge Lead
  • Instructions
  • HotRox Sticker

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