LP Extreme Knee Support with Posterior Strap

LP Extreme Knee Support with Posterior Strap

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  • Bilateral stays provide extra knee stability
  • Open patella design prevents abnormal tracking
  • Coolprene construction for dynamic protection and comfort
  • Secure hook-and-loop straps provide a secure, custom fit
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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Intense knee activity can put serious strain on this vital joint, so it's important that you can give it the support it needs to perform pain-free, be it during sports or just walking to work. The LP Extreme Knee Support with Posterior Strap delivers exceptional support and stability to the knee, working to reduce strain and stress to help relieve pain and strain.

Who Can Make Gains with the LP Extreme Knee Support with Posterior Strap?

To help you give your knees the extra support they need, the knee support features integrated bilateral stays. These support the knee joint while also helping to reduce extreme rotation, keeping the knee stable and helping to reduce the discomfort injured knees can cause.

Open Patella Design

Enabling it to provide more of the knee with the protection and help it needs, the LP Extreme Support features an open patella design. With a doughnut-shaped patella pad, the support helps encourage correct patella padding and relieves pressure on it, reducing pain and aiding recovery.

Dynamic Coolprene Material

For improved protection during exercise, the LP Extreme support is made using Coolprene material. This helps the support to provide more dynamic protection to help reduce knee strain even more. What's more, the Coolprene material also improves comfort, making wearing the support a breeze.

Secure, Comfortable Fit

The support features posterior and anterior hook-and-loop straps. These help you ensure proper stabilisation and a more secure fit, making the support more comfortable and more effective.

Key Features of the LP Extreme Knee Support

The key features and benefits of the LP Extreme Knee Support with Posterior Strap are:

  • Integrated bilateral stays provide extra support to the knee joint
  • Open patella design stabilises knee tracking and reduces pressure
  • Secure hook and loop straps help you get a secure and comfortable fit
  • Made with Coolprene material for dynamic protection during activity

Sizing for the LP Extreme Knee Support with Posterior Strap

The LP Extreme Knee Support is supplied in a single universal size that should fit most individuals.

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