LP Weightlifting Support Belt

LP Weightlifting Support Belt

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  • Provides support for the back without restricting movement
  • Designed to combine maximum support with great comfort
  • Ideal for weightlifting in the gym or lifting during work
  • Includes Velcro hook and loop closures for easy adjustment
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If you frequently lift heavy weights in the gym or at work, it's important to ensure that your back is fully supported so you can reduce the risk of injury. The LP Weightlifting Support Belt is designed to provide this support to your lower back, while allowing maximum comfort and movement. It is easily adjustable using a Velcro hook and loop strap, and is made with soft foam to avoid irritating skin during long periods of wear.

The LP Weightlifting Support Belt is available in four different sizes; select your desired size using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Who Can Make Gains with the LP Weightlifting Support Belt?

One of the most common exercise-related injuries is a strained back due to improper form or too heavy a load. This belt helps to protect your back from these injuries, and encourages proper posture for improved lifting form. This makes it ideal for any weightlifters looking to challenge themselves by reaching new weights and goals.

Comfortable Materials

Sessions in the gym or at work are often long and arduous, so this belt is made with soft materials that will be comfortable for hours. With high density foam laminated with nylon on the outside, and soft felt fabric against your skin on the inside, you'll be able to wear this belt for long periods without discomfort or irritation. 

Easily Adjustable

Since this belt is designed to protect such an important area of your body, it's crucial that it can be adjusted to give each user the right support for them. It features a Velcro hook and loop strap for easy adjustment, letting you decide how much support you need, and what feels right.

Lower Back Support

Chronic back pain can be extremely debilitating and can often cause poor posture, which can lead to further injury. This back brace helps to relieve this pain and support proper posture, leading to relief from pain, stiffness and general discomfort of the back.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides support to your lower back
  • Ideal for use in the gym while lifting heavy weights
  • Can be used for occupations that require heavy lifts
  • Supports the back without restricting normal movement
  • Made with high density foam laminated with nylon outside
  • Inside is made from soft felt fabric for maximum comfort
  • Improves spinal posture with reduction of lordosis
  • Provides warmth to reduce stiffness and allow a full range of motion
  • Also great for running, cycling and general exercise
  • Includes Velcro hook and loop closures for easy adjustment

Back Support Sizing

To determine if this brace is right for you, measure the circumference around your waist and refer to the table below.

Size Waist Circumference (cm)
Small 59.1 - 71.1cm
Medium 71.1 - 83.8cm
Large 83.8 - 96.5cm
Extra Large 96.5 - 109.2cm

Washing and Care Instructions

  • Hand wash with mild soap in cold water
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Air dry at room temperature
  • Do not machine wash or dry

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