Medi Achimed Achilles Tendon Support
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Medi Achimed Achilles Tendon Support

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  • Assists and supports function of the Achilles tendon
  • Comes with optional pair of silicone heel wedges
  • Ideal for acute and chronic inflammation of Achilles tendon
  • Suitable for post-traumatic inflammation
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The Medi Achimed Achilles Tendon Support (and heel wedges) provide support to your achilles tendon and come with an integrated, anatomically-formed silicone pad that helps to add comfort. The compressive support features an elastic, breathable and moisture transporting Clima Comfort knitted fabric providing optimum comfort while remaining hygienic and preventing bad odours.

The Achilles Tendon Support's silicone insert and compression give a massaging effect which promotes the healing process. The optional heel wedges reduce painful tension on the Achilles tendon and should be worn in both shoes to equalise leg length. The knitted "Comfort Zone" placed over the instep prevents constriction and eases pressure.

Who Can Make Gains with the Achimed Achilles Tendon Support?

Due to the amount of stress that most sports place on the feet and ankles, the Medi Achimed Achilles Tendon Support is ideal for many people suffering with Achilles problems. Sports that can cause Achilles tendon problems include running, gymnastics, dance, football, basketball and tennis. The support is also suitable for people suffering from inflammation, and for aiding with rehabilitation.

Features and Benefits of the Achilles Tendon Support

  • Innovative knitted weave ensures a pressure-free edge, fitting perfectly to any lower leg
  • Slanting finished edge enhances stretchability, making it easier to pull on even when the area is swollen
  • Pull-on aid made of balloon silk helps glide the support into place
  • Separate, optional heel inserts reduce the pressure on heel, making it wearable on a daily basis
  • Anatomically tailored support with integrated silicone support pad
  • Elastic, breathable and moisture-wicking Clima Comfort knitted fabric
  • Specially knitted Comfort Zone over the instep prevents constriction and pressure areas

Sizing of the Medi Achilles Tendon Support

The Achimed Achilles Tendon Support is available in six different sizes across three different colours (Sand, Black and Silver). To measure which size you need, simply measure your ankle above the bone at its narrowest point and refer to the table below.

Size Circumference of the Ankle (cm)
I 17 - 20cm
II 20 - 22cm
III 22 - 24cm
IV 24 - 26cm
V 26 - 28cm
VI 28 - 30cm

If your measurement falls on a sizing boundary, we would suggest that you choose the larger of the available sizes for greater comfort.

Washing Instructions 

  • Wash at 30 degrees celsius
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron

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