More Mile Pre-Cut Back Support Kinesiology Tape

More Mile Pre-Cut Back Support Kinesiology Tape

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  • Pre-cut kinesiology tape, to be used on the back
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue, prevent cramps and promote blood flow
  • Can aid in recovery from injury or general aches and pains
  • Latex-free and water-resistant 
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In stock now

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The More Mile Pre-Cut Back Support Kinesiology Tape is the perfect aid for athletes of all kinds with back conditions. If you live an active lifestyle, you've probably suffered from one of the main side-effects; injury. In particular, back injuries happen to be one of the most common for athletes. Even if you're not seriously injured, aches, pains and stiff muscles are all common ailments. Left untreated, this can have a big effect on your performance.

The Back Support Kinesiology Tape is the ideal solution for these everyday issues, and can help reduce muscle fatigue, prevent cramps, promote blood flow and more. Coming ready-cut, it couldn't be easier or more convenient; just stick it on your back and see the results immediately!

Who Can Make Gains with the Back Support Kinesiology Tape?

The More Mile Tape is well-suited to anyone with an active lifestyle, whether you play sports, run, swim or cycle. The tape is water-resistant, latex free and won't limit your range of motion for a comprehensive solution to aching muscles and joints. By promoting blood flow, the tape can also speed up recovery, as your muscles will be getting more blood (and oxygen) to ensure you get back to fighting fitness as soon as possible.

The tape is lightweight, breathable and should last as long as two or three days. It's tough, too, and extra sticky so it should stay on regardless of conditions and keep you feeling great for longer. 

Features and Benefits of the More Mile Pre-Cut Tape

  • Kinesiology tape for stiff muscles, joints and general muscle fatigue
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue, prevent cramps, promote blood flow and aid in recovery
  • Comes pre-cut, and ready to be applied to your back
  • Water-resistant, so it will stay on in even the toughest conditions
  • Doesn't limit range of motion, so you won't be restricted during activity
  • Suitable for two to three days of wear
  • Latex-free - ideal for those with allergies

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