Nathan Sports Wrist Runner 2
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Nathan Sports Wrist Runner 2

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  • Stay safe in low light conditions
  • Carry keys, cards and other essentials on the go
  • Light, stretchy fabric ensures you're always comfortable
  • Comes in a choice of 3 colours
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In stock now

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The Nathan Sports Wrist Runner 2 is the ultimate in convenience and safety, allowing you to add safety to your exercise when you go out in low-light conditions, while being able to store essential items at the same time. Being much more visible than non-reflective clothing, the Wrist Runner 2 makes you much safer so the only thing you'll have to worry about and concentrate on is your performance. The double-fold pocket securely holds cash and cards, with a hidden key pocket. 

Who Can Make Gains with the Nathan Wrist Runner 2?

The Wrist Runner 2 is ideal for runners who want a convenient way of storing their essentials. With this product you no longer have to worry about the annoyance of your wallet bouncing around in your pocket or being out of sight in a bag, It also has the added bonus of being reflective so it is ideal for use in low-light conditions, and the form-fitting, moisture-wicking fabric ensures you'll be comfortable at all times.

Nathan's collection of reflective gear is designed with morning and evening runners and cyclists in mind. Between the regular working day and the shorter daylight hours of the winter months, exercising in the evening is an inevitability, as is the shortage of light and how this can affect your safety. The Wrist Runner 2 is perfectly suited to remedy this issue, reflecting a large amount of light so you stay visible, safe and able to concentrate on your workout without distraction. 

Features and Benefits of the Wrist Runner 2

  • Highly reflective material ensures you're safe in low light conditions
  • Ultra-Lightweight and form-fitting fabric ensures you're comfortable
  • Moisture-wicking fabric so your wrist stays cool during exercise
  • Double-Fold pocket securely holds cash and credit cards
  • Hidden pocket to store your keys
  • Comes in a choice of 3 colours to suit your personal taste

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