Neo G Back Brace
Neo G Back BraceNeo G Back BraceNeo G Back Brace
Neo G Back BraceNeo G Back Brace

Neo G Back Brace

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  • Fully adjustable back support
  • Customisable compression for a unique fit
  • Additional stays for extra support
  • Universal size (one size fits most) and unisex
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In stock now

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The Neo G Back Brace is ideal for central backache and/or pain radiating as far as the buttocks. It is designed to help reduce unwanted twisting movements and is ideal for people with a manual occupation or sport where lifting may be involved.

The brace features the exclusive Neo G Variable Compression System, which allows you to tighten or loosen the compression of the support for optimum fit, comfort and (most importantly) the right level of support for you. The Variable Compression System of the Neo G Back Support also has the benefit of maximum blood flow safety to your back and surrounding areas to stop the possibility of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Who Can Make Gains with the Neo G Back Brace?

The Neo G Back Brace is ideal for people suffering from chronic back ache due to repetitive sporting or occupational activities. It is made of a durable, flexible heat therapeutic neoprene material that helps warm stiff, aching, tired muscles and arthritic joints. The variable compression fastener, stays and power straps help provide additional stabilisation and support whilst ensuring a close, comfortable fit.

Features and Benefits of the Back Brace

  • Helps with muscle spasm and sprains in the lumbar spine
  • Helps support and stabilise an injured, weak or arthritic back during sports or occupational activities
  • Firm stays and power strap help provide additional support and compression
  • Durable, flexible, heat therapeutic neoprene helps warm muscles and arthritic joints
  • Registered with the MHRA, UK, as a Class 1 Medical Device
  • Comes in a universal size (one size fits up to 52" waist), and is unisex

Sizing of the Neo G Back Support With Stays

As the Neo G Back Support With Stays uses a Variable Compression System allowing you to adjust the support to fit your back and waist, the Neo G Back Support is supplied in one universal adjustable size.

Instructions for Use

Position the bottom of the back support as low down back as possible then fasten the Velcro until comfortable, Grasp the smaller straps at each side of the large support in each hand, pull each at the same time and then tighten into your back until firm but comfortable. Then fasten the Velcro until the support is comfortable.

Never wear the back support overnight or while sleeping.

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