Neo G NeoTape Lifestyle and Sports Therapy Aid
Neo G NeoTape Lifestyle and Sports Therapy AidNeo G NeoTape Lifestyle and Sports Therapy AidNeo G NeoTape Lifestyle and Sports Therapy Aid
Neo G NeoTape Lifestyle and Sports Therapy AidNeo G NeoTape Lifestyle and Sports Therapy Aid

Neo G NeoTape Lifestyle and Sports Therapy Aid

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  • Kinesiology tape with multipurpose applications and different taping techniques
  • Suitable for sports injuries, tennis and golfer's elbow, sprains, and strains
  • Water resistant to ensure longevity of up to four days' wear
  • Lightweight and breathable hypoallergenic material for comfort
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Sprains and strains can occur at any time, and this is especially true for sports players and athletes. The Neo G NeoTape Lifestyle and Sports Therapy Aid is a kinesiology tape made from medical-grade material that helps to reduce the effects of these injuries, offering enhanced comfort with a lightweight hypoallergenic construction.

Key Features

  • Medical-grade material kinesiology tape providing multipurpose applications depending on taping technique
  • Water resistant with up to four days of use during normal wear
  • Hypoallergenic material is soft, lightweight, and breathable for improved comfort and hygiene
  • Ideal for providing everyday support and comfort to reduce a wide range of aches and pains
  • Tension adjustment offers optimal tension for each individual injury
  • Easily cut to desired length and shape to ensure the most secure and beneficial fit
  • Helps with muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and swelling
  • Treats conditions including tendinitis (tennis elbow) and epicondylitis (golfer's elbow)

Who Can Make Gains with the NeoTape?

The NeoTape Therapy Aid is an ideal kinesiology tape to have at hand at all times, ideal for keeping in a sports bag or gym kit. As it can be applied to most parts of the body, such as the calf, thigh, forearm, upper arm, knee, and elbow, it can provide instant respite following most sports injuries.

Whether swelling arises after a collision on the pitch, or your tendinitis flares up after a session on the tennis court, the NeoTape can be utilised when it is needed most, time and time again.

Comfortable and Reliable

In addition to providing optimal support for sports injuries, the NeoTape has also been constructed to be as practical and comfortable as possible while the injured area heals. It is made from cotton, elastane, and acrylic glue, and can be cut down to size and shape to ensure that the appropriate area is covered, without needing to apply too much or too little tape.

It is also breathable and hypoallergenic for added comfort and hygiene, and with its water-resistant properties it can last for up to four days with normal wear. This will help to ensure that the benefits of the tape can be felt for longer, offering a better quality of pain relief.

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