Neoprene Undergarment Sleeve for the Donjoy Knee Braces

Neoprene Undergarment Sleeve for the Donjoy Knee Braces

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  • Suitable for use with a range of Donjoy Knee Braces
  • Improves your confidence to help you return to sports
  • Prevents your support from digging into your skin
  • Made from neoprene to prevent allergic reactions
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Neoprene Undergarment Sleeve for the Donjoy Knee Braces

Donjoy Knee Braces are an ideal way of stabilising and supporting the joint, particularly if you're looking to return to sporting activities or have recently suffered from an injury in the area. However, owing to their sturdy design, sometimes the braces can rub against the skin and cause irritation or painful scratches. When this is the case, the Neoprene Undergarment Sleeve is the perfect way of protecting your skin and preventing discomfort.

Who Can Make Gains with the Neoprene Sleeve?

When you're performing strenuous activities with your knee brace, this can cause a great deal of rubbing and chafing. The Neoprene Undergarment Sleeve is constructed to protect your skin, helping to prevent rashes or scratches during use. This is particularly useful for intense sporting activities or sports where you change direction frequently, such as skiing or football.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ensures your Donjoy brace doesn't dig into your skin
  • Provides you with a more comfortable fit
  • Helps stabilise and support your knee
  • Improves your confidence so you can get back into sports
  • Made with neoprene as an alternative to the Lycra Undergarment

Which Knee Braces Can the Sleeve Be Used with?

The Neoprene Undergarment Sleeve has been designed for use with the following Donjoy supports:

Sizing of the Neoprene Undergarment Sleeve

The Neoprene Undergarment is available in seven different sizes to provide you with a more tailored fit. Please measure the circumference of your thigh 15cm above the kneecap and refer to the guide below to find out which size is the right fit for you.

Size Thigh Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 33 - 39cm
Small 39 - 47cm
Medium 47 - 53cm
Large 53 - 60cm
Extra Large 60 - 67cm
XX-Large 67 - 75cm
XXX-Large 75 - 81cm

Prevents Allergic Reactions

Constructed with neoprene, this Undergarment Sleeve for the Donjoy Knee Braces is an excellent alternative to the Donjoy Armor Black Lycra Undergarment if you suffer from allergic reactions to Lycra. As the accessory is directly against your skin, it's important that, if you're aware of an allergy to Lycra, you seek out an alternative.

Provides a Snug Fit

The sleeve provides a snug fit against your anatomy, ensuring the brace is still able to fit you properly. As the sleeve provides a consistent and smooth shape to your knee and the surrounding area, it's easier to apply the brace over the top of the undergarment. This accessory also helps prevent rubbing and chafing, making it ideal if you're returning to sporting activities and envision that you will be moving quickly (e.g. sprinting) or changing directions suddenly (as in football). 

Please note that the Neoprene Undergarment Sleeve is pictured on a brace but only the sleeve is included with your purchase.

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