Nuvo Sport Fresh Women's Cottonfresh Odour Removal Spray

Nuvo Sport Fresh Women's Cottonfresh Odour Removal Spray

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  • Keeps your sports and fitness gear fresh for longer
  • 100% natural better for your equipment
  • Longer lifespan for your kit
  • Fresh, floral scent for an improved odour
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With Nuvo Sport Fresh Women's Cottonfresh Odour Removal Spray, you can be confident that your sweaty sports and fitness equipment will stay smelling fresh for longer, without using the heavy chemicals present in alternatives. Sport Fresh will knock out those tough and stubborn odours, and leave behind a subtle burst of floral freshness. This revolutionary spray will attack the odour-causing bacteria, and can even increase the lifespan of your equipment.

Who Can Make Gains With Nuvo Sport Fresh?

Anyone who regularly takes part in sports or exercise knows all too well the challenges of keeping your equipment and apparel smelling nice. Many odour removal products contain harsh chemicals, or just don't get the job done. Nuvo Sport Fresh will be a welcome addition to any sporting person's kit, as it will keep your equipment smelling fresh, and lasting longer.

Tough and Natural

Nuvo Sport Fresh sets itself apart from the competition because it doesn't just mask smells and odours with perfume, it uses powerful probiotics to put the bacteria that create those odours out for the count. Using the power of nature, and not harmful chemicals, Sport Fresh harnesses the odour-fighting toughness of good bacteria (probiotics) to eliminate the bad odour-causing bacteria at the source.

These probiotics will keep working to fight odours long after you spray your equipment, keeping your kit in action and smelling great for longer. Nuvo Sport Fresh is truly an odour-fighting powerhouse that will leave even the most heavily used and sweaty sports equipment smelling better – and lasting longer – than you thought possible.

How to Use Sport Fresh

Simply spray Sport Fresh on your sports and fitness equipment lightly after each use, up to three days a week, and your equipment will stay fresh use after use. At three times a week, one bottle of Sport Fresh should last you about 6 months. Keep in mind, for the most heavily soiled items, several applications may be required to eliminate all lingering odours. 

Suitable For

  • All boots and sports shoes
  • Shin pads
  • Sports bags
  • Boxing gloves or wraps
  • Judo and Karate suits
  • Cricket pads and helmets
  • Hockey goalkeepers equipment
  • Ski boots or helmets

Key Features

  • Keeps your sports and fitness gear fresh for longer
  • 100% natural
  • Longer lifespan for your kit
  • Concentrated for better value for money
  • Fresh, floral scent
  • Tough probiotics that keep working
  • 150ml bottle

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