Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser
Oppo Accutex C-Knee StabiliserOppo Accutex C-Knee StabiliserOppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser
Oppo Accutex C-Knee StabiliserOppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser

Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser

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  • Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser for patellar lateral tilting and subluxation
  • Detachable pad gives additional support to pad and can be removed as you recover
  • High compression bands offer targeted compression and better support
  • Available in five different sizes
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In stock now

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Offering support and adding stability to your patella, the Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser helps to prevent injuries and encourage recovery. Featuring an adjustable c-shaped pad that stabilises the patella, the support prevents tilting and subluxation while providing comfort and compression.

Who Can Make Gains with the Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser?

The Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser is indicated for the following conditions:

  • Patellar lateral tilting
  • Patellar lateral subluxation

It provides a high level of stability and support to the knee, helping to prevent ligament sprains. The Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser holds the patella in the correct position for recovery from the above conditions, helping to promote balanced muscular development and helping you get back into full action sooner.

Adjustable Pad For Customisable Support

The main protection that the Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser is the adjustable c-shaped pad. This pad provides concentric pressure that secures the patella in its natural position, counteracting the effects of tilting or subluxation. With the ability to adjust the c-shaped pad, you can customise the product to suit your individual needs.

Ergonomic Removable Panel to Support Your Changing Needs

One of the advantages of the Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser is a removable elastic panel that helps to support the c-shaped pad. The panel enhances the function of the c-shaped pad and offers an intermittent compression massage to release tight tissues during movements. The panel is also detachable, meaning that you can remove it when your recovery status allows.

Prevent Ligament Sprain With the Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser

One of the most common injuries to the knee (and one of the most painful) is damaging the cruciate ligament. The Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser helps you avoid this with bi-lateral spiral stays providing targeted compression and support. The support also features adjustable reinforced straps that add further compression and support.

Anatomically Shaped to Your Knee

With an anatomical fit, Accutex combines support with comfort and targeted stimulation, facilitating the normal functioning of your musculoskeletal system. Accutex products are designed to expedite your rehabilitation by reducing the amount of stress that your joints are placed under, with dual interwoven bands guiding your joint back to its natural movement.

Sizing of the Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser

The Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser is available in 5 sizes and is suitable for either leg. Please measure the circumference of the knee at the patella with the knee fully extended.

Size Knee Circumference in cm Knee Circumference in Inches
Small 33 - 36cm 13 - 14 1/8 Inches
Medium 36 - 39cm 14 1/8 - 15 3/8 Inches
Large 39 - 42cm 15 3/8 - 16 1/2 Inches
Extra Large 42 - 45cm 16 1/2 - 17 3/4 Inches
Extra Extra Large 45 - 48cm

17 3/4 - 18 7/8 Inches

If your measurement falls on a sizing boundary, please select the larger size, unless you prefer a very snug fit – in which case, select the smaller.

Oppo Accutex Series Product Video

View an informational video on the Oppo Accutex supports below.

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Washing Instructions for the Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser

The Oppo Accutex C-Knee Stabiliser should be hand washed with mild soap at 30 degrees Celsius. It should be air dried away from heat and sunlight. Oppo Accutex products should never be bleached, ironed or dry-cleaned.