Pflexx Compression Knee Support Exerciser

  • A wearable knee support trainer to strengthen muscles around the knee joint
  • Advansa ThermoCool material keeps you warm when cold and cool when hot
  • High compression sleeve for exercise support and quickened recovery
  • Springs at either side of the knee joint to strengthen joint and build muscle

The Pflexx Compression Knee Support Exerciser may look like an ordinary knee support, but it is fitted with specially designed technology to improve exercise and encourage healing of injured knees.

It is a revolutionary product in the field of wearable exercise products designed for increased sports performance, physiotherapy exercise, and general fitness.

Who Can Make Gains with the Knee Support Exerciser?

Quite simply, the Knee Support Exerciser is ideal for anybody who likes to keep fit and active. It can help with performance, as the power springs at either side of the knee joint provide CrossFit Resistance training, working against physical movement to strengthen the knee joint and build muscle.

By providing compression, the Knee Support Exerciser is also ideal for wearing on the knee following injury. The high compression sleeve provides support to the area, and helps to speed up recovery times. The Advansa ThermoCool material keeps the area warm when it is cold, and cools it down when it is hot. Whether looking to strengthen the knee prior to or following surgery, provide gentle relief following an incident on the pitch, or generally improve performance, the Compression Knee Support Exerciser is the perfect choice.

Varied Resistance

One of the key aspects of the Compression Knee Support Exerciser that makes it ideal for varied use is the ability to alternate in resistance depending on individual requirements. The support is fitted with R2 Medium resistance springs as standard, which will be ideal for physiotherapy, and providing assistance during general sports and fitness.

Additionally, the support also comes with a set of R3 Heavy and R4 Extra Heavy springs, which are ideal for elite sports performance and heavy resistance training respectively. This ability to switch up the resistance strength as required provides more choice for the individual wearer.

Pflexx Compression Information

How Does It Work?

The Pflexx Compression Knee Support Exerciser is designed to aid both recovery and performance. The patented bio-mechanical resistance technology fitted either side of the knee joint works naturally against natural movement to strengthen adjacent muscles in the quadriceps, calf and hamstrings.

The high compression sleeve is made from ADVANSA Thermo Cool material, changing in direct relation to the temperature of the wearer. When the wearer is performing intense exercise and generating heat around the knee, the material works to cool down the individual. It also increases the heat when the wearer is not performing intense exercise to aid the recovery and growth of surrounding muscle areas. The level of compression helps keep the blood flowing and disperses the build up of lactic acid, ensuring a speedier recovery process.

It works in isolation on the flexor and extensor muscles around the knee to build strength and power.

Sizing Guide

Please use the guide below by measuring the circumference around the designated areas. If in doubt opt for the bigger size. The measurements relate to 15cm above the knee joint and 15cm below the knee joint.

Pflexx Sizing Chart

Pflexx Sizing Diagram

Please note it is advised that you seek professional advice before using this item if you have been suffering from a serious injury.

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