Pflexxi Wraparound Knee Brace

Pflexxi Wraparound Knee Brace

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  • Wearable knee exerciser which strengthens muscles around the knee joint
  • Personalise your rehabilitation and training with this versatile product
  • New wraparound sporty design with a choice of sizes
  • Comes with range of interchangeable spring sets with different resistance levels 
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The PFLEXXI Knee Exerciser is a revolutionary product in the field of wearable exercise products. Knee injuries affect a huge number of people, and can really impact you performance in sports, or even your mobility in everyday life. Most braces may give good support and stability to the joint, but they don't have the ability to exercise and strengthen your knee at the same time.

This is where the PFLEXXI stands out from the rest, with built-in resistance in the form of springs that help rehabilitate or even build muscle. These can be interchanged, as the PFLEXXI also comes with various sets of springs of differing resistances, based on your needs.

Who Can Make Gains with the PFLEXXI Knee Exerciser?

The PFLEXXI is a very versatile product and can be worn on the move to build muscle while you carry on with your everyday life, used in training programmes, or to complement a physiotherapy treatment programme. It can be worn at any time, for day-to-day activities or whilst exercising. With a sporty wrap around design, the Knee Exerciser is easy to fit, and comes in a choice of sizes to find the most comfortable fit.

The PFLEXXI comes with three sets of spring resistances, each of which equates to a different load around the knee. A white 3.5 kg resistance comes fitted with the product, but this can be changed to the 5 kg yellow spring set or the 7.5 kg black set. The product is ideal for athletes who want to improve performance and limit recovery times, but is equally suited to people from all age groups and activity levels, due to the various resistance levels and versatile nature of the product.

Please note : It is recommended that you insert springs of the same resistance on either side of the knee.  

Features and Benefits of the PFLEXXI

  • The only resistance trainer for the knee joint
  • New wrap around sporty design - perfect for activity or recovery
  • Works naturally against physical movement to strengthen adjacent muscle in the knee, calf and quadriceps
  • Helps patients with arthritis, and those gently returning to exercise
  • Helps people rebuild muscle strength after surgery, or strengthen the knee joint prior to surgery
  • Boosts power and strength for sports performance
  • Interchangeable resistances means the product is suited to a variety of ages and goals
  • Comes with interchangeable loads (white 3.5 kg, yellow 5 kg and black 7.5 kg)

Size Guide for the PFLEXXI Knee Exerciser

The PFLEXXI is supplied in three different sizes to suit your requirements, as detailed in the table below. Measurements should be taken around the centre of the knee.

PFLEXXI Size Measurements (cm)
Small 30 - 38cm
Medium 38 - 46cm
Large 46 - 55cm

How to Fit the PFLEXXI Knee Exerciser

Follow the instructions below to fit the PFLEXXI Knee Exerciser. 

PFLEXXI Step 1 Step One: Position the hole in the front of the Knee Exerciser over the knee
PFLEXXI Step 2 Step Two: Wrap the top part of the Knee Exerciser around the thigh, and secure with the Velcro pad
PFLEXXI Step 3 Step Three: Wrap the lower part of the Knee Exerciser around the calf, and secure with the Velcro pad
PFLEXXI Step 4 Step Four: Pass the top Velcro strap through the plastic loop, and pull back around the back of the thigh to tighten and secure with the Velcro pad
PFLEXXI Step 5 Step Five: Pass the lower Velcro strap though the plastic loop, and pull back around the back of the calf to tighten and secure with the Velcro pad

How to Change Spring Resistances

The steps below are provided as a guide to help you change the spring resistances in your PFLEXXI Knee Exerciser.

  • Step One: ​Fold back the Velcro ends of the red cover to reveal the spring pockets
  • Step Two: Remove the spring ends from the pockets on one side of the Knee Exerciser
  • Step Three: Remove the spring from the sleeve
  • Step Four: Choose the preferred resistance spring: White 3.5kg, Yellow 5.0kg, or Black 7.5kg
  • Step Five: Push the chosen spring into the sleeve
  • Step Six: Replace the spring ends into the pockets of the Knee Exerciser
  • Step Seven: Refold the Velcro ends of the red cover over the spring pockets
  • Step Eight: Repeat steps one to seven on the other side of the Knee Exerciser

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