Pro11 Foot Arch Angel Supports
 Pro11 Foot Arch Angel SupportsPro11 Foot Arch Angel Supports 

Pro11 Foot Arch Angel Supports

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  • Pads to cushion and protect arches
  • Relieve and reduce arch pain and fatigue
  • Improve balance and body alignment
  • Suitable for use with most footwear
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In stock now

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Relieve and reduce arch pain with the Pro11 Foot Arch Angel Supports. These discreet pads strap to the arches to cushion the arches and absorb shock with every step. Using these comfortable arch supports can also improve your balance and control, as well as realign your feet, ankles and limbs to alleviate knee, hip and back pain.

About the Foot Arch Angel Supports

Each Arch Angel Support consists of a soft pad attached to an elasticated band. The pad fits snugly under the arch of your foot, and the band wraps around the foot to hold the support firmly in place for comfortable and reliable protection.

Who Can Make Gains with the Arch Angel Supports?

These arch supports are suitable for individuals with arch pain and strain. By realigning the body and improving balance, they may also be of benefit to those with ankle, knee, hip and/or lower back pain caused by poor foot posture.

Improve Comfort

The Foot Arch Angel Supports cushion the arches to enhance the comfort of your shoes and provide relief from arch fatigue and pain. They can be worn with just about any shoes, or even barefoot to relieve fatigue and pain after a long day on your feet.

Absorb Shock to Prevent Pain

Whenever our feet make contact with a hard surface – whether we are walking, jogging or running – our feet absorb shock. Without proper protection and shock absorption, this impact can cause foot fatigue and pain, and even lead to injury. The Pro11 Arch Angel Supports provide shock absorption at the arches to prevent impact, and, in doing so, prevent arch pain and strain.

Correct Lower Body Alignment

Using the Foot Arch Angel Supports can improve your balance, control and body alignment. By correcting the alignment of your feet, ankles, limbs and hips, these supports help to alleviate leg, knee, hip and back pain caused by bad posture.

Sizing of the Pro11 Foot Arch Angel Supports

These arch supports are available in one size. They should fit most adult feet.

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