Pro11 Revolutionary Gel Massaging Insoles

Pro11 Revolutionary Gel Massaging Insoles

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  • Revolutionary fluid-filled sports insoles
  • Absorb shock and reduce pressure
  • Cushion and massage the soles
  • Enhance balance for better performance
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In stock now

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While the benefits of sport and exercise out-weight the risks, feet do get sore and accidents do happen. To prevent pain and injury during exercise and sports you need proper support that corrects any body misalignment, reduces pressure on the balls of your feet and provides sufficient shock absorption to protect your feet, knees and hips from impact.

The Pro11 Revolutionary Gel Massaging Insoles are fluid-filled sports insoles designed to adjust with each step that you take, for superior support, impact protection and enhanced comfort. No matter the sport, these revolutionary insoles will prevent pain and injury so that you can give your best.

Who Can Make Gains with the Gel Massaging Insoles?

These insoles are designed to support and protect the feet of active individuals. They are suitable for use in a wide range of sports, including jogging, running, tennis, basketball and football.

Pressure and Impact Reduction

The Pro11 Revolutionary Gel Insoles place a bed of cooling gel underneath your feet, which redistributes your body weight to take pressure off the balls of your feet and reduce foot fatigue. This gel also provides shock absorption to protect feet against the impact of walking, jogging, running and jumping, reducing heel, knee and hip pain.

Revolutionary Support

These revolutionary gel insoles provide support that adjusts with each step to ease aches and pains and reduce the occurrence of arch, heel and ball of foot pain. By adding support, the Pro11 Gel Massaging Insoles correct natural walking imbalances – such as supination and over-pronation – to reduce foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower-back pain caused by body misalignment. Misalignment in the lower limbs is a leading cause of sports injuries, and by correcting this with supportive insoles you can improve your balance during sports and prevent pain and injury from keeping you off your feet.

Enhanced Comfort

Padding the inside of shoes with a cool bed of gel is bound to make your feet feel fantastic. What's more, these gel insoles massage your feet with every step, which feels great, increases blood circulation and can ease foot pain. 

Sizing of the Pro11 Gel Massaging Insoles

These insoles are available in the following sizes:

  • UK Size 3 - 4
  • UK Size 4.5 - 6
  • UK Size 6 - 7
  • UK Size 7 - 8
  • UK Size 8 - 9
  • UK Size 9 - 10
  • UK Size 10 - 11
  • UK Size 11 - 12

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