ProCare Podous Ankle Injury Boot

ProCare Podous Ankle Injury Boot

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  • Ideal for a range of injuries and conditions, including trauma
  • Free from natural rubber latex to prevent allergic reactions
  • Adjustable toe extension helps protect toes from bedding
  • Features an anti-rotation bar to prevent painful rotation
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ProCare Podous Ankle Injury Boot

Lower extremity disorders are all too common. This type of injury tends to limit your ability to move around safely, meaning that returning to sporting activities can be difficult and even dangerous. The ProCare Podous Ankle Injury Boot is constructed to help stabilise and support your foot and ankle following an injury, making it ideal for limited ambulation.

The ProCare Podous Boot is designed to treat and prevent foot, ankle and hip disorders associated with injury or immobility. This includes pressure necrosis, ankle contractures and post-operative hip abduction or rotation.

Who Can Make Gains with the Podous Ankle Injury Boot?

If you aren't feeling at your best, it's integral that you spend as much time as you need resting and recovering. In the long run, this will improve your performance while also preventing the condition from worsening. The Podous Ankle Injury Boot is constructed to immobilise your ankle following an injury or operation, providing you with the necessary tools to recover as quickly as possible.

Not only will the ProCare Podous Ankle Boot help you recover from your injury or operation, but it also allows for early ambulation. This helps you stay active without fear of overdoing it or twisting the ankle throughout use.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and quality plastic shell for improved stability
  • Designed with a comfortable poly and pile liner
  • Helps treat and prevent lower extremity disorders
  • Features an adjustable toe extension to protect toes from bedding
  • Made with an anti-rotation bar that may be re-positioned to assist with rotation
  • Designed with a removable transfer pad on the dorsal side for limited ambulation
  • Fits either the left of the right foot for improved versatility according to your needs
  • Free from natural rubber latex to prevent allergic reactions during use

Indications for the ProCare Podous Ankle Injury Boot

This lightweight, quality ProCare Podous Boot is designed to help treat and prevent lower extremity disorders associated with trauma or immobility. This includes the following:

  • Ankle contractures
  • Post-operative hip abduction
  • Post-operative hip rotation
  • Pressure necrosis

Sizing of the ProCare Podous Boot

The ProCare Podous Boot is available in the following two sizes, both of which are based on UK shoe sizes. Please refer to the table below for more information. If your shoe size falls on the boundary of the two sizes, please select the larger size for improved comfort and to accommodate any swelling in the area.

Size Men's UK Shoe Size Women's UK Shoe Size
Regular Up to Size 9.5 Up to Size 9
Extra Large Size 9.5 and Above Size 9 and Above

Protective Construction

Designed with an adjustable toe extension, the Podous Ankle Boot helps protect your toes against bedding so you remain comfortable and safe throughout use. As the support is also crafted with an anti-rotation bar, it may also be re-positioned to assist with internal or external rotation. This ensures you don't suffer from further injury or discomfort in the area.

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