ProCare Surround Patella Strap

ProCare Surround Patella Strap

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  • Provides uniform compression to stabilise and support the whole area
  • Features a unique cylindrical Floam bladder for added compression
  • Ideal for patella tendonitis, chondromalacia and Osgood Schlatter
  • Helps relieve anterior knee pain by applying pressure to tendon
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ProCare Surround Patella Strap

Discomfort in the front or centre of your knee (i.e. anterior knee pain) is all too common, particularly if you already suffer from a condition like patella tendonitis, chondromalacia or Osgood Schlatter disease. The ProCare Surround Patella Strap is an excellent support that helps relieve anterior knee pain by compressing and stabilising your knee. The support provides uniform and adjustable compression while prohibiting pressure from being displaced to bony prominences.

Who Can Make Gains with the Surround Patella Strap?

Whether you're returning to sporting activities or you simply want additional protection to prevent discomfort, the ProCare Surround Strap is ideal for you. The support compresses your knee to relieve pain. This allows you to increase your activity levels and endurance, meaning you can exercise for prolonged periods and therefore make serious gains in your performance!

Constructed to relieve anterior knee pain, the support is ideal if you suffer from one of the following indications or you would prefer not to rely too heavily on anti-inflammatory medications:

  • Chondromalacia
  • General anterior knee pain
  • Osgood Schlatter disease
  • Patella tendonitis

Key Features and Benefits

  • Relieves anterior knee pain caused by a number of conditions
  • Applies pressure on the patella tendon to improve your outcome
  • Primary area of the strap is a soft, latex-free nylon and foam lamination
  • Features contact closures for improved comfort and stability
  • Designed with a bladder that can be adjusted for added compression
  • Provides uniform compression and a customised fit
  • Prohibits pressure from being displaced to bony prominences

Sizing of the ProCare Patella Support

The ProCare Surround Knee Strap is constructed in five sizes, allowing you to get a more tailored fit. To find out which size you require, please measure the circumference of your leg just below the kneecap and refer to the table below. If you fall in between the boundary of two sizes, it is advised that you choose the larger of the two to prevent the support from uncomfortably restricting blood flow.

Size Knee Circumference (cm)
Extra Small Up to 25.4cm
Small 26.7 - 31.8cm
Medium 33 - 38.1cm
Large 39.4 - 44.4cm
Extra Large Over 45.7cm

Comfortable yet Compressive Design

Made from soft, latex-free nylon and foam laminate, the Surround Patella Strap is comfortable to use. This doesn't detract from the compessive qualities of the support, which are applied via the bladder inserted inside the strap. The bladder may be adjusted for added compression, allowing you to get the stability and protection you need to perform at your best.

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