Rehband Force Ankle Brace

Rehband Force Ankle Brace
Rehband Force Ankle BraceRehband Force Ankle BraceRehband Force Ankle BraceRehband Force Ankle Brace
  • Textile ankle support
  • Breathable, lightweight and durable
  • Stabilises ankle to prevent further injury
  • Ideal for post-operative or post-injury use

Rehband Force Ankle Brace

If you are recovering from an operation or injury to your ankle, you may feel in need of some support. Ankle injuries, for instance a ligament rupture, can seriously limit your mobility, something especially frustrating for athletes. 

The Rehband Force Ankle Brace can aid your recovery, stabilising the ankle and helping you get back on your feet. 

The superior support restricts the eversion and inversion of the foot joint, without negatively affecting the plantar and dorsi-flexion of the foot. This allows you some freedom for movement as your ankle heals, so you won't be held back from your training.

Indications of the Rehband Force Ankle Brace

The Rehband Force Ankle Brace is to be used for orthotic fitting of the lower limb. It is suitable for the following uses:

  • Stabilising the ankle
  • Functional treatment of ligament instabilities
  • Post-operative after ligament ruptures
  • After ankle distortions
  • Functional-conservative therapy of lateral collateral ligament ruptures

Indication must be determined by a physician.

Features of the Rehband Force Ankle Brace

  • Lightweight textile support - comfortable
  • Made from breathable SpaceTex fabric
  • Durable - long lasting
  • Eversion and inversion of the foot joint are restricted without negatively affecting plantar and dorsal flexion of the foot
  • Recyclable - environmentally friendly
  • Shoe laces can be replaced
  • Colour: grey
  • Available in 5 sizes


  • Textile pads: Velour/PU (polyurethane)
  • Inner side of textile: PU
  • Hook and loop closures: nylon straps


The initial fitting of the brace must be carried out by a qualified personnel. 

  1. Open all straps and loosen laces.
  2. Pull the brace over the foot and lace up like a shoe.
  3. Apply the stabilising straps as follows: lay the outer strap over the instep and pass it from inner side under the foot. Attach to the corresponding hook and loop closure on the ankle.
  4. Lay the inner strap over the instep, pass it from the outer side under the foot. Attach to the corresponding hook and loop closure on the ankle.
  5. If full weight bearing of the foot has been allowed by the physician, the stabilisation straps may be re-tightened. 

Washing Instructions

  1. Use a slightly moistened cloth to clean the outside of the brace
  2. We recommend closing the hook and loop closures before washing
  3. Hand-wash the textile elements in 30°C warm water with a standard mild detergent
  4. Rinse thoroughly so that all residual detergent is removed
  5. Let air dry - do not expose to the sun and do not use oven or radiator heat for drying

Sizing Guide

Place the sole on the floor and measure the circumference (cm) around the instep:

Size Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 25.5 - 28cm
Small 28 - 30.5cm
Medium 30.5 - 33cm
Large 33 - 35.5cm
Extra Large 35.5 - 38cm

Additional Information

The initial fitting and application of the product must be carried out by trained, qualified personnel only. The daily duration of use and period of application are dependent on medical indication by a physician.

  • Suitable for use on one patient only
  • Do not apply too tightly
  • Consult physician if you encounter side-effects

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