Rehband Handball Elbow Support

Rehband Handball Elbow Support

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  • Elbow support for indoor sports
  • Padding protects joint from falls and blows
  • Warming neoprene construction
  • Increases blood flow and reduces pain
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A bruise or bump here and there is inevitable when playing sports, but the Rehband Handball Elbow Support allows for added safety. A perfect companion to indoor sports such as handball, this Rehband Elbow Support features a patented padding construction to protect your elbow from falls and blows.

The neoprene construction retains heat, warming the affected area and improving the blood circulation. That way, the Rehband Handball Elbow Support can both alleviate the pain of an existing injury whilst also preventing future injury from occurring. 

Indications of the Handball Elbow Support

The Rehband Handball Elbow Support is suitable for the following uses:

  • Protects during indoor sports e.g. handball or volleyball
  • Prevents injuries by increasing blood supply

Features of the Rehband Handball Elbow Support

  • Protects elbow with unique, patented padding construction 
  • Anatomically designed 
  • Gives warmth and support
  • Increases blood flow
  • Helps prevent injury
  • Especially suitable for indoor sports
  • Available in 5 sizes


  • 3mm SBR/ neoprene
  • Polyamide jersey 
  • Pad in LD-Polyurethane with EVA

Application of the Support

  1. Place the support on the elbow
  2. The elbow must lie in the intended groove inside the pelotte

Washing Instructions

  1. Close all Velcro
  2. Remove detachable splints.
  3. Mesh laundry bag is recommended
  4. Stretch product while wet and let dry

Sizing Guide

Keep the elbow slightly bent (about 30°) and measure the circumference (cm) around the elbow joint:

Size Elbow Circumference (cm)
Small 24 - 26cm
Medium 26 - 28cm
Large 28 - 30cm
Extra Large 30 - 32cm
XX-Large 32 - 34cm

Additional Information

This item contains neoprene. The time of use should not exceed 3 - 4 hours. If you are allergic to heat, it is not advised that you use this product.

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