Replacement Flexcup for McDavid Supporter

Replacement Flexcup for McDavid Supporter

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  • Effective protection against direct impacts
  • Five airflow ports for effective breathability
  • Soft edges provide comfortable and secure fit
  • Designed for the McDavid Supporter
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In stock now

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The McDavid Flexcup and Supporter provides a fantastic way to protect your groin from direct impacts while ensuring comfort and breathability. However, over time the Flexcup may become worn or damaged, reducing its comfort and the level of support it provides.

This Replacement Flexcup ensures that your supporter can continue to provide an exceptional level of protection to your groin, while ensuring that comfort and breathability are maintained. The McDavid Flexcup is compatible with all adult sizes of the McDavid Supporter.

Who Can Make Gains with the Replacement Flexcup for McDavid Supporter?

Available in a single size for all adult-sized supporters, this replacement Flexcup is ideal for providing protection that is vital in a range of sports, including hockey and football. It will allow your supporter to continue to work to its full ability, providing you with high quality protection for a longer period.

Breathable and Comfortable

To ensure that comfort is maintained, the Flexcup features a soft, padded edge. This not only helps to prevent chafing but also works to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

For even more comfort, the Flexcup is fitted with five airflow ports. These enable air to flow in and out of the cup, helping to prevent sweat from building up inside for even more comfort.

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