SacroFix Compression Shorts
SacroFix Compression ShortsSacroFix Compression ShortsSacroFix Compression Shorts

SacroFix Compression Shorts

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  • Provides compression across the entire pelvic area
  • Can target set areas to help aid stability
  • Helps ease pain caused by the sacroiliac joint
  • Comfortable to wear and suitable for long periods
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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SacroFix Compression Shorts

The Sacroiliac joint located in the pelvis can become painful while participating in sporting activities. Twisting and bending repeatedly strains the joint and if overuse continues, stress fractures can occur. The SacroFix Compressions Shorts helps lend strength and support to the pelvis, with a targeted compression belt to relieve pain and stabilise the joint. The high level of support offered by the shorts means recovery time is shorter and the impact on your performance is reduced. Once you have full functionality, you can return to your chosen sport with mobility and stability fully restored.

Who Can Make Gains From SacroFix?

The compression shorts can be used to treat a number of pelvis problems, particularly ones affecting the sacroiliac joint. If you suffer from the following, you will benefit from using the compression shorts.

  • SI joint syndrome
  • SI joint dysfunction
  • SI joint instability
  • SI joint blockage
  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)
  • Pelvic girdle instability
  • Pelvic tendonopathy and myalgia

Features of SacroFix

  • Merly/Lycra fabric shorts ensure high strength and durability
  • General support for the entire pelvic ring
  • Shorts provide anchorage for the compression belt
  • Breathable fabric for long-term wear
  • 4-way adjustable pelvic compression belt - focus compression front/back, left/right
  • Height adjustable pelvic belt
  • Buckles can be angled to provide ultimate comfort

Components and Materials of the SacroFix 

Compression belt:

  • 2 x 50mm wide reverse pull straps, with removable crocodile clip ends
  • 2 x 50mm wide pivoting side buckles


  • 86% Meryl, 14% Lycra
  • 2 x hook receptive side seams
  • 2 x hook receptive oval patches
  • 36mm wide elasticated waist

Sizing of the SacroFix 

Please measure around the widest point of the hips for the best fit - see image.

The shorts are available in five sizes:

Size Maximum Hip Circumference (cm)
1 81-96cm
2 96-109cm
3 109-122cm
4 122-135cm
5 135-148cm

Wearing Instructions of the SacroFix 

  • Shorts can be worn throughout the day but are not designed to sleep in, or for 24 hour use
  • Undo all four crocodile clips and loosen the compression belt before pulling the shorts down. Do not use the elastic waist to pull them down
  • Close hooks to protect the Velcro from dirt and fluff while they are not being worn
  • Designed to wear over underwear
  • Suitable to be machine washed at 40°C and tumble dried on low
  • Not suitable for ironing

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