Sidas 3D Golf Insoles
Sidas 3D Golf InsolesSidas 3D Golf InsolesSidas 3D Golf InsolesSidas 3D Golf Insoles

Sidas 3D Golf Insoles

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  • Professional insoles designed to improve your swing
  • Ideal whether you golf recreationally or professionally 
  • Non-slip topcover for foot positioning within the shoe
  • Shock absorbent heel pad for comfort and foot health
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In stock now

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Sidas 3D Golf Insoles

Enhance your performance on the golf course with the natural support provided by Sidas 3D Golf Insoles. These insoles will keep your score low and your feet comfortable by improving the comfort of your golf shoes and making you more aware of your foot positioning for more precise swings.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Insoles

Sizing Information for Sidas Golf 3D Insoles

Sidas Golf 3D Insoles are available in five different sizes that should suit most adults. To find your best size, simply match your shoe size to the table below.

To ensure a precise fit, we recommend removing the existing insole from your shoes before measuring. As shown in the image below, measure the length and width at the longest and widest point. Match these measurements to the dimensions listed below in order to find the pair that will best fit your shoes.

Sidas Golf 3D Insoles

Insole Size UK Shoe Size Dimensions (Length x Width)
Extra Small Size 2 - 3 235 x 83mm
Small Size 4 - 5 247 x 86mm
Medium Size 6 - 7 266 x 89mm
Large Size 8 - 9 284 x 92mm
Extra Large Size 10 - 11 297 x 96mm
XX-Large Size 12 - 13 313 x 101mm

How Thick Are Sidas Golf 3D Insoles?

Please view the image and information below to see just how thick Sidas Golf Insoles are:

How thick are Sidas Golf 3D Insoles?

  • Heel Thickness: 7mm
  • Arch at Highest Point: 30mm 
  • Forefoot Thickness: 4mm

Key Features of the Sidas Golf 3D Insoles

  • Comfortable to be worn for long periods on the green
  • Antibacterial topcover keeps your foot securely in place within your shoe while you swing
  • Nylon heelcup provides support, reducing foot and knee pain, ankle instability and other foot related issues
  • Metatarsal pad increases sensory perception and proprioception for precise accuracy during your swing
  • Shock absorbing heelpad reduces impace against your foot for extra support and comfort
  • Durable and flexible EVA base for long-lasting reinforcement and support of your foot

Who Can Make Gains with the Sidas Golf 3D Insoles?

Whether you're a professional looking to shave as many points as possible from your score or a newcomer just getting into recreational golf, these insoles can help enhance your performance. They use a gripping metatarsal pad that sharpens your natural sensitivity to help you achieve maximum precision. Also containing a posture correcting heelcup, these insoles are all about promoting the optimal stance to perfect your swing.

What Makes These Insoles Specifically Suited to Golf?

The MerryMesh antibacterial top layer not only promotes hygiene but is also non-slip to secure your foot within the shoe. With a specially designed metatarsal pad to efficiently align your body and enhance proprioception, these insoles assist your natural sensitivity to achieve controlled precise swings.

Other Benefits

These Sidas 3D Golf Insoles won't just help you lower your score on the green but will also look after your feet off the green too. With a nylon heelcup and shock-absorbent heelpad these insoles ease pressure on your foot, protecting your joints from impact and providing comfortable cushioning.

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