Sidas Max Protect Activ Multisport Insoles

Sidas Max Protect Activ Multisport Insoles

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  • Care for your joints with these shock-absorbent insoles
  • Ideal for baseball, volleyball and high intensity sports
  • Technology absorbs up to 90% of each impact shock
  • Forefoot propulsion assist for a more dynamic gait
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Sidas Max Protect Activ Multisport Insoles

High impact sports are strenuous for our joints, but these shock-absorbing Sidas Max Protect Activ Multisport Insoles absorb 90% of shock energy to provide unrivalled impact absorption and performance-boosting propulsion. Ideal for activities involving running, jumping and speedy footwork, the insoles will enhance the power of your stride, and lower your risk of injury.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Insoles

Sizing of the Sidas Max Protect Activ Multisport Insoles

These insoles are available in six different sizes and are a unisex design. Use the shoe size conversion table below by matching your shoe size with the correlating insole size to find which fit will be best for you.

Some footwear may require you to fit your insoles by trimming them to the correct size for your shoes. To do this we recommend removing your existing insole and using this as a cutting guide. You can then either replace your existing insoles or place the Max Protect Insoles underneath another insole for additional support.

Insole Size UK Shoe Size
Extra Small UK Size 2 - 3
Small UK Size 4 - 5
Medium UK Size 6 - 7
Large UK Size 8 - 9
Extra Large UK Size 10 - 11
XX-Large UK Size 12 - 13

Thickness of the Sidas Max Protect Insole Side View

Who Can Make Gains with the Sidas Max Protect Activ Multisport Insoles?

High-intensity sports like basketball and volleyball can be incredibly physically demanding, and the strain they take on our bodies only increases with time. If you find foot pain or ankle instability is getting in the way of your performance, or if you're looking for that extra boost to optimise your natural abilities, whether on the court, track or field then these are the insoles for you.

How Do the Sidas Max Protect Insoles Prevent Injury?

The Sidas Max Protect Activ Multisport Insoles utilise PodianeI+, a special PVC material that provides excellent shock absorption, and is able to reduce the impact force on your feet by up to 90%. These insoles also combine a sturdy TPU shell with shock-absorbent gel heel pads to distribute pressure and ensure your foot is protected at all the key impact zones.

Improve Your Control

The enhanced stability of these insoles is complimented by a dynamic metatarsal insert, so you can have better control over your movements. It works by increasing the contact between your forefoot and the ground, so more of the energy you exert goes into your motion. This will enhance your performance, allowing you to reach your full potential of speed and dexterity, even if you zig-zag or run in bursts.

How Comfortable Are the Sidas Max Protect Insoles?

Saving on space and materials means that sports footwear is often uncomfortable. To keep your feet cool and cushioned, the insoles have a mesh topcover for enhanced breathability and have gel padding on the heel for extra impact resistance and maximum comfort.

Sidas Insole Being Placed Into a Shoe

How Do the Sidas Max Protect Insoles Provide Support?

The Sidas Max Protect Insoles use an anatomically designed TPU FLEX shell for heel support and outstanding foot stability, this will help prevent your chance of ankle twists or sprains as a result of fast turning or heavy landings. By promoting correct foot alignment, the heel shell encourages good posture for a natural gait that not only protects your wellbeing in the long-term but also enhances your performance.

How Hygienic Are the Sidas Max Protect Insoles?

It's no secret that high intensity sports lead to sweaty feet, but excessive perspiration can lead to other problems such as foot odour. These insoles have a mesh topcover that will help to keep your feet fresh by promoting airflow, in turn minimising sweat build-up. To clean your insoles, simply wash them with soap and a brush, then leave out to air dry (do NOT radiator dry).

What Conditions Will These Insoles Assist Against?

Thanks to their anatomical heel shell and shock-absorbent gel cushioning, these insoles will not only aid your performance but also help to combat an array of common foot ailments, such as:

  • Ankle Instability
  • Arch Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Blisters
  • Bunions
  • Corns and Calluses
  • Foot Fatigue
  • General Foot Pain
  • Hammertoes
  • Heel Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Metatarsal Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Plantar Fibroma
  • Runner's Knee
  • Shin Splints
  • Weak Arches

Are These Insoles Suitable for Low Volume Shoes?

These insoles may not be ideal for low volume shoes, however there is a version designed to provide the same support with a slimmer fit. The Sidas Max Protect Activ Slim Multisport Insoles have a reduced mass and are therefore easier to fit in low-volume footwear. Their slimmer shape means they are more effective in lower intensity sports such as tennis and table tennis.

Key Features and Benefits of the Sidas Max Protect Insoles

  • Metatarsal dynamic insert assists propulsion, increasing the efficiency and precision of your stride
  • PodianeI+ technology reduces impact shock by 90% to prevent fatigue and long-term joint damage
  • Gel heel pads cushion and absorb shocks for pressure distribution that protects key impact zones
  • Anatomical TPU FLEX shell holds encourages correct foot alignment for better posture and gait
  • Mesh overlay is breathable for better ventilation that helps prevent build-up of perspiration
  • Prevents your ankles from twisting and your feet from developing blisters and other injuries

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