Sidas Run Anatomic Unisex Ankle Running Socks (White)
Sidas Run Anatomic Unisex Ankle Running Socks (White)Sidas Run Anatomic Unisex Ankle Running Socks (White)Sidas Run Anatomic Unisex Ankle Running Socks (White)
Sidas Run Anatomic Unisex Ankle Running Socks (White)Sidas Run Anatomic Unisex Ankle Running Socks (White)

Sidas Run Anatomic Unisex Ankle Running Socks (White)

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  • Comfy anatomical ankle-length running socks
  • Suitable for both casual and competitive runners
  • Thinly constructed knitted mesh promotes breathability
  • Gripping bands ensure anti-slip and perfect fitting
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Sidas Run Anatomic Unisex Ankle Running Socks (White)

Foot comfort and support is a priority for anyone that runs on a regular basis. Designed to synergise with your insole, the Sidas Run Anatomic Unisex Ankle Running Socks (White) remain in prime position to prevent blisters, improve form and boost performance. With an anatomical design and made from wicking fabric, these ankle-length socks provide a breathable sensation that your feet will truly appreciate.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Socks

Who Can Make Gains from the Sidas Run Anatomic Ankle Socks?

With breathable mesh and anatomic knitting, runners and fitness enthusiasts will love the Sidas Anatomic Ankle Socks. Including all the features every athlete needs in a pair of socks, they can be used for the following sports and activities:

  • Running
  • Football
  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Daily use

Sizing of the Sidas Run Anatomic Ankle Socks

The Sidas Run Anatomic Ankle Socks are available in four different sizes. Please refer to the table below to find which size is right for you.

Sock Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Small Size 3 - 5  Size 35 - 38
Medium Size 5.5 - 7 Size 39 - 41
Large Size 7.5 - 9.5 Size 42 - 44
Extra Large Size 10 - 12 Size 45 - 47

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Pull out strap for easy wear and perfect fitting
  2. Ankle support adds extra comfort and stability
  3. Fitted to the foot with mid-tension knitting 
  4. Grip yarn holds the sock in place to prevent slipping
  5. Terry cloth cushions the toe and absorbs impacts 
  6. Breathable open mesh offers superior comfort

Sidas Run Anatomic Ankle Sock Details

What Makes the Sidas Anatomic Socks Good for Running?

Designed to complement the anatomic contours of the feet, the Sidas Socks provide a level of comfort and stability that most socks lack. With ankle and arch support, cushioned toes and breathable mesh knitting, running in these socks feels as smooth as gliding.

Maximum Grip

The Sidas Running socks feature grippy textures in key areas to prevent them from slipping while on the move. A band of silicone yarn ensures the grip level between the sock and shoe is adequate, while pull-out straps and ankle bands ensure the socks stay in place around the ankle.

Breathable Sensation

The enhanced breathability of the Sidas Socks can be attributed to the soft polyamide construction, which avoids using too much material for superior comfort. Remarkably thin without losing any strength, these socks won't cause any overheating or clamminess while out on the trail.

Stability and Support

Areas of extra support around the ankle and arch are included to improve stability and reduce the risk of injury. Sidas extensive database of over 400,000 scanned feet has allowed them to design a sock with incredible anatomic accuracy, ensuring unmatched comfort and support for your feet.

Check Out the Sidas Run Anatomic Socks in Action!

Are Other Versions Available?

Other versions of the Sidas Run Anatomic Socks are also available, check them out below:


  • 47% Polyamide microfibre
  • 45% Polyamide
  • 5% Elastane
  • 3% Silicone

Washing Instructions

  • Turn the sock inside out before washing
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not use bleach
  • Wash at 30°C maximum

Sidas Anatomic Running Socks Washing Instructions

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