Silversock Original High Performance Socks

Silversock Original High Performance Socks

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  • Silver-lined ultimate performing sports socks
  • Ideal for sports use thanks to high performing, temperature regulating design
  • Will neutralise bacteria to prevent bad smells, foot odour and excessive sweating
  • Suitable for diabetes, chilblains, hyperhidrosis, Raynaud's and more 
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Highly versatile, the Silversock Original High Performance Socks use a silver lining that improves circulation during use, while the thermodynamic lining keeps the feet warm in winter and cool in the summer. The socks are ideal for a wide range of sports, in part because their antimicrobial lining can tackle bad odours by neutralising bacteria.

Who Can Make Gains With the Silversock High Performance Socks?

The Silversock High Performance Socks are ideal for use by athletes because they target smelly feet, poor circulation and use silver to regulate temperature. This means that you can use them during cold wintry conditions for keeping the feet warm, and in summery weather for preventing sweating and odour build up. They are well suited to sports that range from running and cycling to golfing and tennis.

Why Choose Silversock Original High Performance Socks?

  • Thermodynamic for Winter: Thermal lining can keep the feet warmer during cold weather
  • Cooling for Summer: Regulates temperature in the summer by enhancing airflow
  • Antimicrobial for Foot Odour: Silver lining means that bacteria and fungus is prohibited, preventing bad smells during use
  • Anti-Static for Comfort: Reduces static electricity for improving comfort during use
  • Longer-Lasting: Silver lining means that the socks last far longer than usual

Who Can Use the Silversock Original High Performance Socks?

The Silversock Original High Performance Socks are designed specifically to target excessive sweating, though their silver lining means that you can use the socks for other medical problems too. Suitable users include:

  • Those with diabetes
  • Those with chilblains
  • Those with epidermolysis bullosa
  • Those with circulation disorders
  • Those with Raynaud's Disease
  • Those with excessive sweating
  • Those with hyperhidrosis
  • Athletes

For more information, please see the below video:

The Silversock High Performance Socks are available with free UK delivery

Sizing Information

These socks are available in just two sizes, but because of their flexible nature, you should be able to find the right size for you. To keep things simple, you can click on the drop down menu at the top of the page and simply select the right size for you. You will find that you have an option between:

  • UK Shoe Sizes 3 to 7
  • UK Shoe Sizes 6 to 11

Should you have a foot size between 6 and 7, we would recommend opting for the higher size.

How Do the Silversock Original Socks Work?

The Silversock Socks contain the naturally occurring element silver, which offers many natural benefits and properties to the skin. The silver lining can remove foot odour and the causes of bacteria developing, while a hydrophobic coating encourages thermal regulation by allowing perspiration to evaporate. The socks reduce static electricity, helping to provide greater levels of comfort. 

Why Do the Silversock High Performance Socks Use Silver?

Silversock High Performance Silver Fibre Socks features fibres that have been universally coated in silver. This ensures that the silver is on the outside of the fibres, making it more efficient at reflecting heat and eliminating micro-organisms. This means that the socks provide superior levels of comfort throughout use.

Where Can I Use the Silversock High Performance Silver Socks?

There's no limit as to where you can wear the Silversock Socks. You can use them in hot weather thanks to the sweat relieving properties, cold weather thanks to the thermal lining, or even for sports and activity thanks to the odour-reducing design.

How Comfortable Are the Original High Performance Socks?

Designed using flexible fibres such as cotton, nylon and Lycra, these socks encourage outstanding comfort during use. Despite being lined with silver, the socks don't feel particularly bulky underneath, making them ideal for wearing all day long.

Why Should I Trust the Silversock Original High Performance Socks?

The Original High Performance Socks have actually been developed to meet the needs of patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and have been recommended to provide relief for those suffering from epidermolysis bullosa diabetes, chilblains and other circulatory conditions.

How Do the Silversock Original Socks Prevent My Feet From Overheating?

The socks are designed to encourage the transfer of moisture from the skin of your feet through the fibres, meaning that your feet feel fresh and don't become coated in sweat. This is combined with thermal conductivity, which encourages ariflow when your fleet get a little too warm. This makes them ideal for use during summer, even when playing sports.

How Do the Silversock Original Socks Prevent My Feet From Becoming Too Cold?

The Silversock Socks aren't just designed for use during summer. The thermal regulatory properties work both ways, and you can use the socks in colder weather for additional warmth when the cold starts to bite.

How Do the Silversock Original Socks Prevent Bad Odour?

Silver has the unique ability to neutralise bacteria. Bacteria is the key cause in bad foot odour, as it is this which multiplies and turns into fungi if you leave it for too long. By neutralising bacteria, you can quickly reduce any bad foot odour that you usually develop during summer.

Material Information

The Silversock High Performance Socks are designed using:

  • Cotton: 75%
  • Nylon: 21%
  • X-Static Silver: 2%
  • Lycra Elastane: 2%

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