SOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic Insoles
SOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic InsolesSOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic InsolesSOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic Insoles
SOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic InsolesSOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic Insoles

SOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic Insoles

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  • Active insoles to help you exercise with less foot pain
  • Ideal for most medium-fitting shoes for both men and women
  • Reduces plantar fascia strain and helps with various foot conditions
  • Mouldable for customised fit to promote alignment and reduce injury
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In stock now

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SOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic Insoles

An active lifestyle puts undue pressure on your feet but you can enjoy your sports in comfort and safety with the SOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic Insoles. They're ideal for running shoes and tennis shoes amongst many others and can easily be moulded to the unique contours of your feet for a customised fit.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Insoles

Who Can Make Gains with the SOLE Active Insoles?

These unisex insoles are designed to provide support and comfort for everyday foot care in most shoes. They have excellent shock absorption with minimal cushioning making them ideal for those suffering from mild to moderate pronation and are popular with athletes due to the firm arch support.

What Sizes Are Available?

The SOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic Insoles are available in ten unisex sizes, from UK Size 4 to UK Size 13 so most users should be able to find a suitable fit. Please use the shoe size conversion table below to check which size will suit you best, then confirm your selection from the drop-down menu above.

UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size Length
UK Size 4 EU Size 37 24cm
UK Size 5  EU Size 38 25cm
UK Size 6 EU Size 39.5 25.5cm
UK Size 7 EU Size 41 26.5cm
UK Size 8 EU Size 42.5 27.5cm
UK Size 9 EU Size 44 28cm
UK Size 10 EU Size 45 29cm
UK Size 11 EU Size 46 30cm
UK Size 12 EU Size 47.5 31cm
UK Size 13 EU Size 48.5 32cm

Key Features and Benefits

  • Podiatrist approved unisex orthotic insoles for medium-fitting shoes
  • Ultra-durable EVA base with medium Softec cushioning
  • Reduces plantar fascia strain and great for everyday foot comfort
  • Open-cell foam technology provides excellent shock absorption
  • Heat and wear mouldable for customised fit
  • Improves balance and promotes natural foot alignment
  • Density mapped to distribute weight and pressure equally
  • Sturdy yet flexible support to prevent excessive arch strain
  • Metatarsal support pad relieves pain and pressure in the ball of the foot
  • Polygiene fresh technology provides active odour control
  • Zero drop so that the heel sits at the same height as the ball of the foot
  • Latex-free and vegan, making them suitable for a wide range of users
  • Available in 10 sizes to suit most men and women

Why Should I Buy the SOLE Active Medium Footbed Orthotic Insoles?

These insoles feature the signature SOLE shape that's tried, tested and proven effective for everyday comfort from various foot conditions. They're density mapped, meaning that they provide more support at the most vulnerable areas of your feet, providing unbeatable support.

Which Conditions Are the SOLE Active Orthotic Insoles Suitable For?

Recommended by podiatrists and accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, the SOLE Active Insoles can provide pain relief from various conditions such as:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Ankle pain
  • Arch pain
  • Arthritis
  • Fallen arches
  • Heel pain
  • Metatarsal (ball of foot) pain
  • Over-pronation
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Knee pain
  • Shin splints

What Are Orthotic Insoles?

Orthotic insoles are specially designed with built-in arch support and provide superior shock absorption. Besides relieving symptoms of foot pain, podiatrist-designed orthotic insoles help correct any balance issues and can also improve pains in the knee joints and lower back.

Why Should I Wear Orthotic Insoles?

If you suffer form recurring foot pain and leave them untreated, they can be immobilising over a long period of time. With regular use, orthotic insoles can help to restore your foot function back to normal in a holistic and non-intrusive way acting as a preventative method of combatting foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis and Achilles tendonitis.

How Do SOLE Footbed Insoles Help Provide Pain Relief?

SOLE Footbed Insoles Benefits

SOLE Footbed insoles have been clinically proven to reduce plantar fascia strain by a third and prevent pronation. The signature shape also helps to improve posture, stability and athletic performance while reducing the risk of injury.

How Can the SOLE Footbed Orthotic Insoles Help with Alignment?

The mouldable orthopaedic shape of these orthotic insoles equalise pressure distribution and optimise the natural motion of both your feet and ankles to treat overpronation and supination to keep you in a neutral position. The metatarsal support pad relieves pain and pressure in the ball of the foot by lifting toe bones into natural alignment. 

Heat and Wear Mouldable for a Customised Fit

To ensure you get the perfect fit and maximum benefits, every pair of SOLE custom footbeds have a mouldable orthopaedic base layer that can be heated in an oven before fitting them in your footwear. You can also mould them by removing the factory sock liners from your footwear and replacing them with your SOLE Footbed insoles that will adapt to your unique contours after a few days of regular use. 

Sole Footbed Insoles Mouldable

  1. Heat in the oven for 2 minutes at 90°C (200°F)
  2. Place the insoles in your shoes
  3. Step into your shoes and the insoles should mould to your feet

Made with 20% Post-Industrial Recycled EVA

Not only are the SOLE Footbed insoles designed to provide various health benefits, they are a sustainable choice that's kinder to the environment being made with 20% industrial scrap EVA. They're also vegan and latex-free, making them suitable for a wide range of users.

Sole Active Medium EVA Footbed             

Affordable Alternative to Custom-Made Orthotics

Customised orthotics can be extremely expensive and not always necessary for everyone with minor indications of foot discomfort. As the SOLE Footbed Active Orthotic Insoles can be worn with most medium-fitting shoes, they are a brilliant cost-effective option to prevent foot fatigue and other pains.

Anti-Odour Technology for Odour Control

These SOLE Active insoles are moisture wicking to prevent sweaty feet and feature Polygiene technology for active odour control.

Do You Sell Other SOLE Insoles?

We have a range of SOLE Insoles on our website with varying levels of cushioning, thickness and sizes. Below are the ones in the SOLE Active range:

How Do I Mould and Fit the SOLE Active Footbeds in My Shoes?

Please refer to these instructions on how to mould your new SOLE orthotic insoles for a customised fit.

Technical Specifications

  • Cushioning: 1.6mm
  • Total thickness: 3.2mm
  • Width - Forefoot (approx.)
    • UK 5: 87mm
    • UK 10: 98mm
  • Length - Heel to toe (approx.)
    • UK 5: 245mm
    • UK 10: 290mm

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