Therm-IC Powersock Uni Heat Heated Sock Set with S-Pack 1400 Bluetooth Battery

Therm-IC Powersock Uni Heat Heated Sock Set with S-Pack 1400 Bluetooth Battery

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  • Allows heat to be distributed throughout the foot
  • Adjustable heat levels for perfect warmth control
  • Ideal for skiing, snowboarding and winter sports
  • Bluetooth-enabled battery &ndash control heat with your phone

Please note, for the best connection quality and to prevent interruptions to your Bluetooth service, please keep your mobile device on your person when your socks are in use.

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When out and about in cold weather, your extremities feel the chill more than any other part of you, so it's vital that you can get warmth to your feet in lower temperatures. The Therm-IC Powersock Uni Heat Heated Sock Set with S-Pack 1400 Bluetooth Battery have been developed to provide your feet with direct warmth, ensuring they are protected from cold weather.

What's Included in the Set?

The following items are included:

  • 1 x Pair of Therm-IC Powersock Uni Heat Heated Socks
  • 1 x Pair of S-Pack 1400 Bluetooth Batteries

How Do I Use My Therm-IC 1400 Socks?

Please follow the instructions below to ensure your Therm-IC Socks are set up correctly:

  1. Begin charging your S-Pack batteries via USB connection
  2. Once they are charged, the LED light will switch back to green.
  3. Put your socks on and push the freshly charged S-Pack battery into the snap fastener until they lock into place
  4. Adjust power/heat to your desired level using the Therm-IC Bluetooth application

Bluetooth Sock

Your power pack should attach at the located highlighted in the image above

To view a complete set of user instructions for use, click here!

Sizing Information for Therm-IC Powersock Heated Socks with S-Pack 1400 Battery Pack

The Therm-IC Powersock Uni Heat Heated Sock Set with S-Pack 1400 Bluetooth Battery is available in four sizes based on shoe sizes. Use the table below to find the size that's right for you:

UK Shoe Sizes EU Shoe Sizes
Sizes 2.5 - 5 Sizes 35 - 38
Sizes 5.5 - 7 Sizes 39 - 41
Sizes 8 - 9.5 Sizes 42 - 44
Sizes 10.5 - 12 Sizes 45 - 47

Please note that the style of this product has recently been updated. As such, styles may vary slightly.

How Long Do The 1400 Batteries Last?

Please view the table below to see how long Therm-IC 1400 Heated Socks will last when different power settings are engaged:

Heat Level S-Pack 1400
Level 1 14 - 16 Hours
Level 2 6 - 8 Hours
Level 3 4.5 Hours - 5 Hours

Who Can Make Gains with the Therm-IC Powersock Uni Heat Heated Sock Set with S-Pack 1400 Bluetooth Battery?

The Therm-IC Powersock Uni Heat socks are ideal for anyone who takes to the slopes. The direct warmth provided by the socks keep feet warm – perfect for skiing and snowboarding. What's more, the socks also feature reinforcements along the shin, ankle and instep to protect feet while skiing.

As well as being great for cold weather sports, the socks are also great for anyone looking to keep their feet warm, be it for hiking or just cold feet in general.

Heat Transfer System

To ensure the heat the Powersocks provide is distributed evenly across your feet, the socks utilise a high-tech heat transfer system. This helps to ensure even circulation of heat across feet, preventing certain areas of the foot from being colder than others. There's even three different heat settings to help you get the warmth you want. Xitaint fibre is used throughout the sock, which works to keep feet warm for longer.

S-Pack 1400 Bluetooth-Enabled Battery

The sock set includes a Therm-IC S-Pack 1400 Bluetooth-enabled battery to power the Uni Heat socks. Providing warmth to feet for up to 16 hours, the battery is ideal for almost any use. A USB charger is included, making it incredibly easy to charge the battery when not in use.

The Bluetooth connectivity in the battery enables you to control the socks using your smartphone. Available for iOS and Android, the app provides you with everything you need for full control of the socks, making it easy to adjust the heat level while on the go.

Anatomical Fit

An anatomical design enables the Uni Heat socks to provide a perfect fit to any feet, helping to improve both the comfort the socks provide as well as the heat. What's more, the heating elements are imperceptible, providing you with a comfortable and irritation-free fit.

Long-Life Design

The socks can be washed up to 30°C, making it incredibly easy to keep them fresh and ready to wear. The optimised positioning of the heating elements helps to improve the life of the socks further, keeping them protected and safe.


Please note, all Therm-IC goods are supplied with a two year warranty on electronic components! This way, you can be sure of an extended, high-value period of use.

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