Thuasne Ligacast Anatomic Ankle Splint

Thuasne Ligacast Anatomic Ankle Splint

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  • Rigid ankle stirrup splint delivers firm support
  • Helps reduce pain and oedema in ankle
  • Flexible edges provide an anatomical fit
  • Features a honeycomb design inside for comfort
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Thuasne Ligacast Anatomic Ankle Splint

If you suffer from discomfort in the ankle following a mild sprain, this will only worsen if it isn't properly treated. The Thuasne Ligacast Anatomic Ankle Splint features rigid side shells to deliver firm support and reduce pain.

Constructed with flexible edges, the support fits anatomically to offer maximum support during use. This helps speed up the recovery process, allowing you to get back to focusing on your performance as quickly as possible.

Who Can Make Gains with the Ligacast Anatomic Ankle Support?

Sticking to your training plan when you're suffering from a sprained ankle can feel impossible even when the sprain is mild. The Ligacast Anatomic Ankle Brace is the perfect way of helping to improve your condition so you can get back on your feet quickly. This helps ensure you can stay on track for that next gold medal or personal best!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ankle stirrup splint reduces pain during use
  • Features rigid side shells to deliver firm support
  • Asymmetrical malleoli hollows and flexible edges improve fit
  • Designed with a honeycomb interior for improved comfort
  • Available for either the left or right ankle to provide a better fit

Features Malleoli Hollows

The Thuasne Ligacast Anatomic Support is designed with asymmetrical malleoli hollows to offer improved support to the malleolus. This helps ensure that you remain comfortable throughout use even when you use the support for long periods of time.

Comfortable and Supportive

Constructed with a honeycomb interior design, the Ligacast Anatomic Ankle Support enhances your comfort during use. This doesn't detract from the rigid sides of the ankle splint, which immobilise the ankle to prevent it from moving into uncomfortable positions that could cause further injury or discomfort.

Sizing of the Ligacast Anatomic Ankle Stirrup

The Thuasne Ligacast Ankle Brace is available in two different sizes according to your height. Stand straight with your head in a neutral, upright position and measure your height before consulting the table below. The support is also available for either the left or right ankle, providing you with an improved and tailored fit.

Size Height (Feet and Inches)
Small Under 5' 3" (Approx. 160cm)
Medium Over 5' 3" (Approx. 160cm)

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